10 Best Kenyan Blogs that you should Read in 2020

best Kenyan blogs

In this internet age, we are going to take a look at some of the 10 best Kenyan blogs that should be in your bucket list. There are hundreds of blogs in Kenya that provide content for various readers.

As information continues to become an in-demand commodity more and more blogs continue to emerge. Here are some of the top blogs in Kenya for you to read.

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Best Kenyan Blogs

Below is the list of the 10 best Kenyan blogs which give credible, well researched and reliable information. Some of the blogs on this list are entertainment blogs that publish very creative stories and fictional stories. Be my guest!

  • Kenyanonline.com
  • Urbankenyans.com
  • Farmers Trend
  • Bizna Kenya
  • Owaahh.com
  • Fashion Fabled
  • Freelancer Kenya
  • BikoZulu
  • Liz Lenjo
  • TechWeez

Why rely on blogs for information?

Blogs, unlike TV and radio, are accessible on the go via your smartphone and they release information soon as it happens.

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Radios and TVs have strict news programs that are limited to specific times. Blogs are not limited to time publishing so information can be published at any time of the day and you will be able to get the news.

I actually know of people who don’t watch television but through blogs, they get all the important updates of what’s happening in the country.

Slowly but surely Kenyans are beginning to embrace blogs although they have been the usual suspects of dispensing fake news. In this article, we have selected some of the best Kenyan blogs for your information needs.

Top Kenyan Blogs for you in 2020

Kenyan Online | best Kenyan blogs 

Kenyansonline.com is one of the newest kids in the block that holds a lot of promise. This blog is more of an informative blog that has articles providing solutions to almost all the questions asked by a Kenyan in their daily life.

If you are not sure about how to buy tokens using Mpesa, there is an article for that.

Student? Need a HELB loan? You will get an article on how to apply in this blog. Need a loan? There are tons of articles reviewing some of the best mobile loan apps in Kenya.

In short, this blog makes your life a whole lot easier by providing tips and answers to your everyday troubles.

Farmers Trend | best Kenyan blogs

Farming is a very crucial aspect of the Kenyan economy. As a matter of fact, the sector employs a significant number of Kenyans who would otherwise be jobless.

Farmers Trend is one of the best farming blogs in Kenya that provides tips to farmers and other opportunists who wish to venture into agribusiness.

The blog regularly updates its content to ensure farmers get accurate data for better farming.

Urban Kenyans

This is one of the most advanced information blogs we have in Kenya. Urbankenyans has been providing reliable information about government services, schools, Automobile, and tourism over the last 5 years. Follow the blog and get reliable articles on a daily basis.

Bizna Kenya

Bizna Kenya is more of a business blog that has tons of articles regarding SMEs and other ventures in Kenya.

According to Bake awards, Bizna Kenya is one of the leading business blogs in Kenya. It is also the same blog that organizes SME events hence providing a platform for Kenyans to share ideas across the board.

Visit the blog and learn a great deal about how to start small and grow your business.

Owaahh | best Kenyan blogs 

Having a dull day? Here is one of the best blogs that will keep your spirits lifted. Owaahh has been quite a sensation on the internet because of how he talks about mysteries and past experiences in a very entertaining way.

It is more comical and engaging at the same time so be sure not to sleep out late reading his lengthy posts.

Fashion Fabled

Fashion has become a major trend, especially among millennials in this internet age. Nonetheless, there are not as many fashion bloggers in Kenya who do it like Fashion Fabled.

By far this is the best fashion blog that we have reviewed so far. Judging from the design of the blog, appearance, and ease of navigating around, Fashion Fabled stands out as one of the best Kenyan blogs for your fashion needs.

Freelancer Kenya

Freelancing is not a new term for many Kenyans out there. In this internet age, there are several online opportunities that could potentially help you employ yourself.

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Freelancer Kenya is one of the pioneer blogs in Kenya that talks about opportunities in the online space. Visit the blog and see what online gig suits you best.


Creative writing doesn’t get better than Bikozulu. Judging from the massive social media following, you will realize that Bikozulu is one of the most preferred blogs by Kenyans due to the creative and entertaining content published there regularly.

Liz Lenjo

Liz Lenjo is an intellectual blog that gives advice about IP laws and intellectual properties. If you need to learn a thing or two about the same, be sure to visit Liz Lenjo’s blog.


They say that Kenya is the silicon savannah of Africa and we cannot agree more to this. Kenya has outdone itself as a country in fintech technologies and other technological advancements.

Techweez is a tech blog that is committed to bringing you daily tech stories happening in Kenya and beyond.

The blog has a very simple and user-friendly interface to ensure the reader gets information in the simplest way possible without interruption.

That is it with our list of best Kenyan blogs for all your information needs. Make sure to follow these blogs and get daily updates on what’s happening around you.


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