10 Car washing Mistakes people make when washing their cars

Car washing Mistakes owners make

Let’s take a look at the common car washing mistakes that car owners make without even knowing. Washing your car is one of the maintenance practices that should be done regularly.

Cleaning your car removes dirt and other contaminants on your car surfaces that may cause damage to your paintwork or even corrode the metal.

Cleaning the car’s interior enhances hygiene and freshness. As much as cleaning a car may seem like a straight forward thing to do, many people do it wrong. This causes damage to their paintwork and car electronics.

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Unfortunately, almost everyone does it wrong and that is why most cars on our roads do not have a flashy look. Here are the common car washing mistakes that car owners do without knowing.

Common Car washing mistakes

Most people are oblivious of the damage they are causing on their cars by not following the approved washing patterns.

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The following are the most common car washing mistakes that people make without knowing.

  • Washing your Car in Direct Sun
  • Using the Wrong soap
  • Using a Drying Towel
  • Wiping off unclean spots after washing the car
  • Using the same cloth to wash all parts of the car
  • Washing the car interior with water
  • Using just a Bucket Full of Water
  • Applying Too much Wax
  • Failing to Clean your Car from Top to Bottom
  • Rolling Down the Windows before They Dry

As much as you may not be aware of these car washing mistakes, you may become a victim if you continue doing any of the following.

Practice caution and follow our lead while washing your car at home.

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Washing your Car in Direct Sun

We all think that the best day to give our cars a bath is on a sunny day. Just like we enjoy swimming on a sunny day, most car owners think that the perfect time to have their cars washed is on a sunny day.

However, nothing can be further from the truth. Washing your car in direct sunlight is the perfect recipe for wearing off your paint.

The sun causes the car surface to overheat. When washing your car with cold water, you rapidly cool off the paint which can cause cracks on the surface.

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Still, the sun evaporates the soapy water rapidly hence leaving the surface with watermarks.

You will be required to use a lot of water to give the car a proper wash not forgetting the danger you are putting your paintwork into.

Using the Wrong soap

Many people think that any detergent that produces foam can be used to wash their cars. What you should understand is that soaps are designed for different purposes.

For example, laundry and dishwashing soaps are caustic. They are designed to cut through stains, oils, and any form of dirt.

Using these soaps to wash your car will surely cause damage to the paint. Domestic soaps are not meant for washing your car yet most of us use them to wash our cars.

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Over a prolonged time of use, the soaps corrode the paint instead of protecting it. It is important to use soaps that are designed to wash and protect car surfaces.

Wiping off unclean spots after washing the car

If you spot any dirty spot after washing your car, the first instinct tells us to wipe off the spot. This is the common mistake that people make.

Instead of wiping it off, you should wash that area again. However, wiping it off with a dry towel or cloth can scratch your paintwork.

Scratches on the paint insert dirt particles under your paint which can encourage rust.

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Using the same cloth to wash all parts of the car

car washing mistakes

If you use the same cloth to wash all parts of your car, you end up introducing residues in places they are not supposed to be.

For example, if you used a cloth to wash the bonnet and wheels of a car, using the same cloth to wash the body of the car can be catastrophic.

For one, brake fluid is very caustic and ones it lands on your paintwork, problems begin almost instantly.

It is recommended that you get a cloth for different parts of your car to avoid such problems and other harmful consequences.

Using a Drying Towel

Many people have made this mistake at some point. When washing your car at home, some people use an old towel or cloth to dry off their car or make it shiny.

An old towel seems like a nice idea for a novice but it is one of the surest ways of destroying your car paintwork.

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Old towels are hard enough to scratch your paint which causes weak points all around the car.

This explains why you see some cars with swollen bubbles in the paintwork or some parts of the car where paint has been eaten out by rust.

This is brought about by making the mistake of cleaning your car with an old towel or old cloth.

Using just a Bucket Full of Water

When washing your car, you should have three buckets of water. However, most people use one bucket to wash the entire care.

One bucket of water should be used to dip the wash mitt while the other buckets should be used for rinsing the car surface.

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Using the same bucket for washing and rinsing will not give the desired results and can even cause scratches on the paint due to sand particles

Washing the car interior with water

This is one of the most common car washing mistakes that many people make when washing their car.

A lot of caution should be exercised when cleaning the interior of the car.

This is because; almost all the materials on the interior are sensitive to moisture. Electronics, leather, and cloth are all sensitive to moisture.

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When water is used to clean the interior, it can lead to electronic failure and mold on textiles.

The interior of a car should be wiped using the recommended products or using a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Applying Too much Wax

Many car owners make the mistake of using too much wax when buffing their car surface.

You would be mistaken to think that excessive wax will restore the luster and shine of your automobile.

As a matter of fact, the more wax you use on your car, the harder it becomes to remove it on the next application.

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Using too much of it also means that you are spending a lot of money more than you should be spending.

Experts say that an adequate amount of wax is enough to give your car the luster of a jewel.

Failing to Clean your Car from Top to Bottom

The biggest FAIL when washing your car is failing to clean it from top to bottom. Most people do not follow a defined pattern when washing their cars.

For this reason, some people wash the car tires and flips before washing the roof of the car.

car washing mistakes

This introduces sand particles on the cloth they are using to wash the car. When used to wash the upper body, the sand particles scratch and chip the paintwork.

This causes weak points vulnerable to rust and corrosion. You should follow and top-down sequence when washing your car to avoid damaging your car paint.

Rolling Down the Windows before They Dry

One of the biggest car washing mistakes of all time is rolling down your windows before they dry.

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By doing so, you can easily scratch your windows or cause permanent watermarks on the glass.

If this goes on for a long time, water may compromise the integrity of the mechanism that raises and lowers your windows.

Washing your car at home is a way of keeping yourself active and it saves you money as well.

However, it is important to avoid these car washing mistakes people make when washing their cars.

By following our guide, you will get professional results and maintain your car in good condition.

Avoiding these car washing mistakes will reward you with a radiant glow of your car surface and a pristine interior.


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