12 things people sacrifice to become rich and successful

12 things people sacrifice to become rich and successful

Today we have an interesting topic on things people sacrifice to become rich and successful. Have you ever thought about how it would be after death when the person you became meets the person you would have become?

Yeah, that’s when you will know the real definition of regret. Most people nowadays are not putting in the necessary effort to bring out the best from them.

But there is a small number of individuals who sacrifice it all to become rich and successful in life.

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growing your small business fastIn today’s episode, we are going to look at the things people sacrifice to become rich and successful.

Someone told me that to become successful in life, we do not have to necessarily add more things into our life.

Sometimes all it takes to be successful is to sacrifice and give up on some things in life. Today we are going to talk about the universal things which can make you rich if only you gave them up.


I am well aware that people have different perspectives of success but this article will view success as monetary gain and wealth creation. After all who hates money?

The reason you should sacrifice these things is because they give you temporary gratification and a false feeling of accomplishment.

That makes you comfortable with your current state of life. Sacrificing them challenges you to come out of your comfort zone and pursue real success.

Things people sacrifice to become rich and successful

Without further delay, let us look at the things people sacrifice to become rich. It has been proven that people who have sacrificed most of these things have managed to do great things with their lives and created wealth.

You can look at this list as a manuscript of instructions to become rich. Here goes the list of things that you should sacrifice to become rich;

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  1. Give up on the short-term mindset
  2. Sacrifice your time
  3. Forget your personal life
  4. Sacrifice comfort and stability
  5. Forget about your sleep
  6. Sacrifice your health
  7. Give up on the instant desires
  8. Sacrifice your sanity
  9. Give up on quiet times
  10. Forget about giving excuses
  11. Give up on toxic people
  12. Forget about TVs and Social Media

1. Give up on the short-term mindset

Someone said that you only live ones and when you do it right, ones is enough. Unfortunately, most people misuse this phrase when doing unconstructive things in their life.

Successful people know the real meaning of this phrase and they set long-term goals for themselves knowing well that the long term goals will be dictated by the short term habits they do every day.

things people sacrifice to become rich and successful

They are not goals they set just for the sake of it; they do so because that is who they are.

Successful people value and embody their goals and true to it, in the long run, they live ones and live right.

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Setting long term goals disrupts your lifestyle and shakes you out of your comfort zone to put in the necessary effort required to achieve those goals.

2. Sacrifice your time

growing your small business fastYou have all the time in the world to become successful but what really matters is how you spend that time.

As an adult, you will have to juggle with more than one thing in life and try to strike a balance and above that, you must find time to grow yourself and become rich.

Many people ask how I manage to do all the things I do and I jokingly respond, “With coffee”.

In reality, you have to learn to create time for yourself because, during the day, there are a lot of things to do.

Take this lesson, “It is not about having enough time, it is about making use of the time you have.”

We are all given 24 hours a day but some people seem to do more than others because priorities are different.

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If you use your time wisely, you are able to prioritize one task over another. Prioritizing on the right tasks each day forms the bottom line of success.

3. Forget about Comfort and Stability

Another point in our list of things people sacrifice to become rich and successful is getting out of your comfort zone.

So long as you have food, shelter, clothing, and a car, most people seem to be comfortable with that.

There is nothing wrong with settling in life but always remember that you can achieve so much more than that.

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Some times in life to get to the top you have to sacrifice your comfort zone and personal stability for a greater goal.

By sacrificing stability, you are taking a great risk because you are leaving your life to unpredictability but with greater risk come greater reward.

Sometimes sacrificing your stability and comfort is not the most ideal thing to do but it is a sacrifice worth taking in order to move to the next level of accomplishment.

Roller coasters go down but they also come back up. If we don’t risk instability, we’re giving up the chance to make our lives better.

4. Sacrifice your Personal life

I have always told people that love has never worked out things. In any case, it can really complicate your life if you cannot balance it with work.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice the only thing in your life that makes you happy in order to focus on your work.

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There are times you will have to postpone important events in your life in order to do something life-changing.

If you focus so much on making your personal life great, you will end up missing out on life-changing opportunities.

When we are determined to succeed, we have to make changes in our personal lives.  Do not get me wrong, this is not about neglecting your friends or relationships; it is about striking a balance between the two.

For example, we all have responsibilities but sometimes we compromise them because a friend called you over so you end up not doing what is expected of you.

Sacrificing your personal life gives you a chance to think about your needs and reflect on your life.  Personal life adds up to the things people sacrifice to become rich and successful.

5. Forget about your sleep

rich peopleOoh, sleep, who hates sleep? Unfortunately, from where I come from there is a saying that goes “toro nduri Mburi” meaning “sleep has no goats”.

Well, traditionally wealth was counted in forms of goats from my tribe and a herd’s man had to wake up early to take the flock for grazing and to lick clay so that they would reproduce more.

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So whether you like it or not, sleep is one of the things people sacrifice to become rich and successful. 6 hours of sleep is a healthy dose that I am not asking you to compromise.

However, what is the essence of sleeping 10-12 hours a day while you have serious things you could be doing to make your life worthwhile?

There are times I take a break working from my laptop and before I know it, I fall asleep on the couch.

I would love to be in bed cuddling with my girlfriend but it won’t always be like this. The reason I would sacrifice my sleep now is to have a better tomorrow.

Trust me if you have a will that is driving you, a 4-hour nap on the couch is enough to energize you.

If you don’t feel sleepy, don’t just lie on that bed like a small kid, find something to challenge you, do something, my friend, when you are still young.

I am only 24 but I knew what it takes to be successful when I was in campus. Had I known earlier, the 8 years of hype would have meant all the difference in the world.But now I know better. Bottom line, Wake Up, Stay Put!

6. Sacrifice your health

It is weird to find health in the list of things people sacrifice to become rich and successful. I will probably get a lot of hate for this but the reality is, if we are so determined to achieve our goals, chances are that we forget about our health and wellbeing.

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We do fewer exercises or none at all, eat less healthy meals and even put our mental health at risk.

I know it is not the most ideal thing to do but individuals who are determined to succeed know too well that this is a temporary situation.

The truth is, if you are working on high gear, you will never put full attention on your emotional, physical and mental health. In life, to gain something you have to lose something else.

To be successful, you have to neglect some parts of your life. But for health, this should only last for some time. Sooner or later when you achieve your goals, you should live a healthier life to enjoy what you have been working for all your life.

7. Give up on the instant desires

Everyone wants something right now but it is imperative to make strike a balance between your needs and your desires.

Immediate desires make people procrastinate and delay their success. Maybe in the middle of your assignment, you feel like checking your Facebook feeds or going to social media.

things people sacrifice to become rich and successful

Chances are if you stop doing what you are doing to fulfill your immediate desire you will waste valuable time on invaluable stuff.

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Maybe you have a strong desire of buying a car right now but the question is; what is of great importance to you? Sacrificing your instant desires allows you to focus more on your dreams and long term goals.

8. Forget about Quiet times

Quiet times means that you are probably somewhere in your room doing a lot of nothing.  If you are indeed working towards your success, chances are that your life would be jam-packed with busy moments which are often demanding.

Sometimes when you are tussling to the top, you have to work in some of the most unaccommodative places.

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You may have to work from home with your kids playing and making all the noises in the world.

You may be required to deal with an instant assignment in the nearest restaurant and so on. It will only be easier for you if you get used to unconducive work environments.

9. Lose your Sanity

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Many people idle around thinking that one day they will find an easy way out in life. My friends, working hard towards your success is the only way out and it was never meant to be easy so the earlier you start your struggles the better for you.

Aspirations and goals are meant to challenge us and test us each day so that we can realize how badly we need success.

There are days you will feel exhausted than others but the key is to never settle till you make it.

There will come a time when you will have to work so hard that your friends and family will call you crazy. Just know that the crazy moments are temporary and they bring you closer to success each day.

10. Forget about giving excuses

Success is not about the cards you are dealing with but how you are playing with the cards. Successful people take responsibility for every move that they make in their lives and are willing to pay for the consequences.

You do not have to worry about past failures, your weaknesses or your starting point…all you need to do is take responsibility for everything you do and learn from the mistakes you do.

Realizing that you are responsible for what happens next in your life is both frightening and exciting.

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But when you realize you have to be responsible, that is the time you become successful. Excuses limit and prevent us from growing personally and professionally.

11. Give up the toxic people

Show me your friend I tell you who you are; simple but clear to the point. In life, we become the average of 5 people whom we spend the most time with.

If you hang around with average guys you will be average, if you hang out with mediocre people, guess what, you will be mediocre and when you find the right company of people who challenge you each time you are with them, you will become a better person.

As such, you should do an audit of your friends and simply sacrifice the people who drain all your energy with their toxicity.

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Focus on growing friendships with people who are ahead of you for they will lift you to their standards.

When you spend your productive time with those behind you, guess what, your success will be average. Take a look around you, and see if you need to make any changes.

12. Forget about TVs and Social Media

things people sacrifice to become rich and successfulYou see the biggest problem with people nowadays is that they think they have time.

The truth is that time is not on your side but you consistently spend the little that is available to do unfruitful things.

The greatest disease of today is television and impulsive web browsing which consumes more time than anything else in modern society.

Many young people have forgotten themselves and have been carried away by the social media wave.

You see the problem with social media is that you think the people you chat with really care about your life. They give you false hope and false friendships that cannot be cashed in.

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In the long run, you realize that all the infatuations were fake when the time has run out and now you have to battle with real issues in life to survive. My fellow people, TV, and social media should never be an escape from your life or your goals.

You should minimize (or even eliminate) your dependency on them, and direct that time towards things that can enrich your life.

The Take-Away

That is our list of things people sacrifice to become rich and successful. Now that you have the time to sacrifice what you can, work your goals and find a formula using these tips to enrich yourself. Cheers!!


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