5 Emergency Kit Essentials for Roadside emergencies

Emergency kit essentials you should have at any given time

Emergency kit

Many people wish they had an emergency kit on board when it is already too late. No one knows when disaster will strike! It could strike on your way back from a scenic vacation, on your way to work, during a road trip or just about any unexpected moment. For this reason, it is only wise to keep your emergency kit for the car with you at all time while driving.

Qualities of a good Driver

Most people do not realize that driving is one of the greatest risks that they take every day. We trust the traffic rules to bring sanity in the roads but on several counts, we see high-speed police chases on the highway among other evils. Anyone can be a victim of such happenings and your life could depend on how prepared you were for an emergency.

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When I was getting my driving license, my teacher kept reminding me that I was the only sane driver on the road. This was meant to keep me alert and vigilant of other drivers’ habits when driving.

Emergency kit

Staying alert on the road is one of the surest ways to curb road accidents. But even so, mistakes by other road users can easily involve even the best of drivers in a road accident. When reaches that point when an accident has happened, the first instinct is to take care of any emergencies. If you already have a car emergency kit, you make it easier for rescuers trying to save you.

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Car Emergency Kit essentials you should always carry

In this post, we are going to establish the basic but most important roadside emergency kits that you should always have in your car. Remember even if you are the best driver, you can always be a victim of circumstance. Here are the emergency kit essentials you should have in your car at any given time.

  1. Emergency First Aid Kit

An emergency first aid kit is your savior as a motorist. It could mean the line between life and death. If you are seriously injured during an accident, the first responders can easily offer first aid to you if you have a well-equipped emergency first aid kit.

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Doctors say that having a first aid kit prolongs a victim’s life and saves the life of others.  Some of the basic but important items to equip your first aid kit with include; alcohol prep pads, pain relievers, bandages, sterile pads, micropore tape, gauze, and antiseptic soap.

2. Emergency Food to Keep Your Energy Up

Imagine what would happen if your car broke down far away from town and the rescue services told you that they would take hours to get to your location. When you are in such a situation, time seems to be moving slower than even and anxiety starts to creep in.

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long hours of waiting would be enough to deprive you of the needed energy. For that reason, you need to have some emergency food packed in your car emergency kit. Food, unlike water, is hard to store since it is affected by hot and cold temperatures.

We recommend that you invest in readymade high-calorie food bars. They can stay for a long time and withstand extreme temperature. However, these food bars are packed with lots of energy so they should not be eaten regularly or snacked on.

3. Distilled Emergency Drinking Water

Humans love to explore and experience new places on the planet. Driving is one of the common ways of exploring new places. People drive miles in distance to experience different places.

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When doing so, they peg all their hopes in their cars to take them and bring them back. However, cars are notorious and they seem to know where to break down, in the middle of nowhere of course.

In places with no emergency services, people have had to walk for kilometers to look for help. You can imagine walking for kilometers under the blazing sun. You could quickly dehydrate and suffer organ failures which can be tragic.

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Carrying some drinking water comes in handy as it helps you to rehydrate until you get help. Still, in case of an emergency, water can be used to wash injuries and sanitize wounds before receiving first aid. Water is easy to carry along in packages stored in door bins and other storage spaces in the car.

4. Warm Emergency Blankets

Many people have never found the need to have wool blankets, warming packs or emergency blankets. However, sometimes emergencies happen when you are in the middle of nowhere and its freezing cold.

Emergency kit

Wool blankets come in handy to keep you warm before your emergency services to arrive. When shopping for an emergency blanket, it is advisable to shop for one that is reflective, and made from wool.

5. Emergency Flashlights for Night Emergencies

Nights can get pitch black especially when the sky is covered in clouds and there is no moon. During night emergencies, having an emergency flashlight can guarantee you security as you are able to see what surrounds you.

You can also conduct basic repairs confidently if you are able to see what you are working on. Still, emergency flashlights help you to look for other emergency items within the car at night.

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A flashlight can also be used to warn other motorists in case your car breaks down in the middle of the road.  You should always remember to recharge your flashlight or buy a new battery pack regularly to be guaranteed of reliability.

Call to action

Being safe has always been better than being sorry. When it comes to automotive mistakes, second chances are hard to come by. You should make sure you have an emergency kit to help you come through the emergency and tell the story later.  Having more emergency items comes in handy but with the 5 basic emergency kit essentials listed above, you should be able to come through most emergencies.


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