Safaricom Customer Care and Hotline numbers [Official]

Get in touch with Safaricom customer care using the contact information provided in this article. Safaricom is the biggest telecommunications company in Kenya and...

My Safaricom App online Products and services

My Safaricom app is a self-service mobile application developed and operated by Safaricom PLC. This revolutionary app was developed by the Telco giant to...

Branch paybill number & How to repay Branch loans via Mpesa

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NHIF paybill number for paying contributions via Mpesa [updated]

Self-employed and employed contributors can make their payments via the NHIF paybill option as explained here. The National Hospital Insurance Fund is a... is a dedicated website for the new generation and era which is very versatile in the way it provides informtion. This website provides solutions to the basic challenges that face kenyans. Kenyansonline features entertaining infomative, controversial and educative content.
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