Best driving schools in Kenya to enroll with (2020 Update)

best driving schools in Kenya

Which are the best driving schools in Kenya? We are here to find out. No matter how good a driver you think you are, you cannot take a vehicle on the road without a driving license because that is a direct violation of the law.

The best drivers on the roads achieved their prowess by refining their skills in the best driving schools in Kenya.

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The sad part is, there are cheap driving schools mushrooming in the neighborhoods every day and Kenyans think that they are there to help them.

The truth is that the people operating such driving schools are unlicensed and lack the necessary capacity to be trainers.

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Why is defensive driving important

I have been driven by several friends who have gone to such driving schools and I can tell you for sure the mistakes they make on the roads could be fatal or expensive.

They often forget to use their side mirrors, blinkers and other safety features which are crucial when driving.

Driving is an activity that seems fun but in the real sense, it is a life gamble.

All drivers are taught to play by the traffic rules but when others are not taught well, they put the lives of every road user at risk.

If you value your life, you should make a sober decision when choosing a driving school because that decision could mean life and death.

Apart from teaching the required minimum, you should look for a driving school that teaches other techniques like defensive driving.

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Defensive driving helps you to stay alert on the road by monitoring the behavior of other drivers around you therefore; you are able to stay out of trouble.

Let us now look and the best driving schools in Kenya which are affordable as well.

List of Best driving schools in Kenya

This is the list of best driving schools in Kenya based on safety records and affordability of their courses to the average Kenyan.

  • Glory driving school
  • Petanns Driving School
  • Rocky Driving school
  • Heltz Driving School
  • AA Driving School

Glory Driving School | Driving schools in Kenya

best driving schools in Kenya
This is not where I did my driving but I have had the chance to observe their operations. Glory Driving School is a subsidiary of Pride Drive.

When Pride Inn was operating hostels in Pangani, they used the Glory petrol station which is now Shell Pangani as their headquarters.

The cars would be brought in almost every day for servicing and maintenance.

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Glory driving school would buy new cars almost every month to ensure their entire fleet is in good condition.

Although Glory has not spread its wings to other parts of the country, it has offered reputable training to Nairobians. Glory driving school charges KSH 12000 for their 15 lessons full course.

Their training entails mechanical, theoretical and practical work to ensure that you come out as an all-rounded driver.

I happen to know the mechanic in charge of Glory driving school vehicles, Pride Drive and Pride Safaris Vehicles. He is called Moha and he is one of the best guys in town.

I watched him bring to life a dead Toyota Celica 2002, so you can be assured of his training.

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If you think I am advertising the school, do not take my word for it. Glory was recently given the Road Safety Award for its role in educating over 1 million Nairobians on the essentials of road safety.

This has given the school regional recognition and that is why it ended up in our list of the best driving schools in Kenya.

Petanns Driving School

Petanns is perhaps the most popular driving school in Kenya and one with the most branched spread out in different counties.

This driving school has a branch in almost every town in Kenya and several branches in major towns.

Petanns has achieved mass recognition because of vigorous advertisement of the brand as well as proper pricing of their course.

For 13,000/= students are eligible for a 30 lessons full course that is inclusive of defensive driving.

We also acknowledge that the school has the most admirable fleet of cars to train with.

Petanns is one of the best driving schools in Kenya particularly because of bringing the services closer to the ordinary mwananchi and charging fair prices.

They are also offering advanced courses on plant operators when you can learn to operate heavy-duty machines like backhoes, excavators, roller, bulldozers, and forklifts.

Rocky Driving school | Driving schools in Kenya

For as low as Ksh 9500, you can take a driving lesson with one of the best driving schools in Kenya. Rocky driving school is one of the oldest driving schools in Kenya.

I remember their adverts on TV when I was still a young boy. Being in the industry for such a long time and managing to maintain its legacy means rocky is a trustworthy school.

best driving schools in Kenya

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The driving school is headquartered in Industrial Area’s Factory Street, Nairobi but it has other branches in counties like Kajiado, Eldoret, Kisumu, and Machakos.

The driving school offers a 20 lessons course for KSH9500 as well as boda-boda training for KSH7000.

Rocky has trained hundreds of thousands of drivers on our roads and it stands out as one of the schools with outstanding safety records.

Heltz Driving School | Driving schools in Kenya

Heltz is another bespoke driving school that has an outstanding safety record. The school is headquartered along Tom Mboya Street Nairobi but has branches spread around other areas and towns.

In Nairobi, Heltz driving school has branches in Ruaraka, Westlands, Industrial Area, Ngara and Utawala.

best driving schools in Kenya

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The school has been training drivers for a whopping 36 years. This makes it one of the best driving schools in Kenya and one of the most admired.

There are a lot of controversies surrounding most driving schools in the country. However, Heltz is known for its efficiency and transparency in the services they deliver.

They offer 2 main courses which include FG and BCE. For a motor vehicle driving course, students pay Ksh.9500 for 30 lessons while motorcycle students pay Ksh.6500.

AA Driving School (Automobile Association of Kenya)

AA Driving School is not new to most people. You probably know that it is the best driving school in Kenya.

AA has been in operation for over 56 years. Popularly known as AA, the Automobile Association of Kenya is the most versatile driving school which offers training on all classes of motor vehicles.

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It has 27 branches in Kenya and is headquartered at the AA house off North Airport road.

The driving school not only offers training to students but also trains the trainers who teach you in other driving schools.

AA is acknowledged internationally which gives you the confidence to drive on foreign roads without fear of being pulled over.

Contrary to what most people think, training with AA is actually affordable as they charge Ksh. 15400 for a 30 lesson full course.

If you are looking to enroll for a driving school, we highly recommend you to enroll with the driving schools we have listed above.

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These are the best driving schools in Kenya and enrolling with them will only make you one of the best drivers on our roads. Let’s make our roads safer with such initiatives.


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