List of 10 Best SACCOs in Kenya to open an account with

Best SACCOs in Kenya

We have prepared you a list of the 10 best SACCOs in Kenya with the hope of helping you make informed decisions. Very few people have become wealthy entirely out of the salary they get.

Often times, to become wealthy and successful you must have a financial partner who will be willing to support you and help you grow.

We have heard success stories of taxi drivers who end up owning a fleet or an entire company or a mere merchant who end up owning a huge business.

Things do not just work miraculously, it is the little-known financial institutions that have helped most people to become wealthy in Kenya.

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SACCOS are behind almost all the sweet success stories we read about or hear every day.

If you are a member of a SACCO, they help you to make savings goals and ones you achieve that goal, they grant you a loan 3-4 times the amount you have saved.

For example, if you manage to save Ksh. 100000 with a SACCO, they will as well grant you a loan worth Ksh. 400000 to grow yourself.

This is the single reason why SACCOs are very popular with serious Kenyans who want to grow their wealth.

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If you have finally landed your dream job or have started earning some cash, it is wise to join one of the best SACCOS listed below to start saving your way to wealth.

What is SACCO?

To answer your question, in brief, SACCO is an acronym for Savings and Credit Cooperative.

In simple terms, therefore, a SACCO is a special cooperative that offers financial services to members.

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Why are SACCOS Important?

One would wonder why we need SACCOS while we already have established banks which offer financial help to the members.

Well, the primary purpose of a SACCO is to encourage its members to save into a pool of money.

The same members can borrow but with more affordable and flexible terms than those offered by mainstream banks.

The striking thing about SACCOS is that borrowing terms are decided by the members or through the directors they elect.

SACCOs also offer other financial services including; Mobile money transfer, ATM, and custody of valuable documents.

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How is FOSA related to SACCOs?

FOSA stands for Front Office Services Activities. It includes the ‘banking’ like services that are offered by SACCOS.

FOSA facilitates access to various services which include mobile money, over the counter and, ATM services.

How SACCOs operate

Generally, SACCOs are operated by a board that employs staff and a CEO who takes charge of the day-to-day operations of the SACCO.

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A SACCO must hold annual general meetings commonly known as AGMs annually where the management gets a chance to report the developments to the members.

Members get a chance to assess and question the performance of the Sacco as well as make critical decisions concerning the Sacco.

Are SACCOs Regulated by the Government?

Following the most recent scandal affecting Ekeza SACCO members, there have been concerns about how SACCOs are regulated in Kenya.

SASRA is the body mandated to regulate and conduct over-watch on how SACCOs conduct their business in Kenya.

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SASRA stands for SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority. It is a government initiative which was started in September 2009 following the ‘Sacco Societies Act of 2008’.

SASRA cannot stop the failure of a Sacco but with the measures they put in place, they try as much to prevent the failure of a Sacco.

They carry out an inspection of the SACCOs to ensure signs of possible failure are picked up early.

If you have an issue with your SACCO, SASRA is your friend as they will help you find a solution to any complaint you may have regarding your Sacco.

However, it is important to note that SASRA only meddles with issues pertaining to criminal wrongdoing of your Sacco and regulatory injustices by the Sacco.

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Before registering with any Sacco, make sure you check if they are licensed by SASRA by visiting the SASRA website Let us now review our list of the 10 best SACCOs in Kenya to join.

Which Is The Best SACCO In Kenya?

Every SACCO has what is called a common bond which unites the members in the Sacco.

For example, people join Unaitas Sacco for their prowess in business investment, Stima Sacco because of Land Investment.

  • Unitas Sacco
  • Kenya Police Sacco
  • Wanandege Sacco
  • Waumini Sacco
  • Imarika Sacco
  • Hazina Sacco
  • Maisha Bora  Sacco
  • Harambee Sacco
  • K-Unity Sacco
  • Stima Sacco

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Hazina Sacco for employees who want to save before they make a business decision later, Kenya Police Sacco because of their stringent operations and renowned excellence, etc. Here is our list of 10 best SACCOs in Kenya.

Unitas SACCO | Best SACCOs in Kenya

Best SACCOs in Kenya

Perhaps the most popular Sacco in Kenya is Unitas. As a matter of fact, most people think that it is a bank.

This institution formerly known as Muramati Sacco started in Murang’a County and has outdone itself to be one of the leading and best SACCOS in Kenya.

There have been rumors that Unaitas may be converting into a fully-fledged bank but still, it is one of the most sought-after Sacco in Kenya.

Unitas offers loans of up to 3 times your savings at an interest rate of 1-1.5% per month reducing balance.

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Kenya Police SACCO | Best SACCOs in Kenya

Kenya Police Sacco prides its self for being one of the most preferred Sacco in Kenya.

Headquartered in Nairobi Ngara area, it is hard to miss the towering building which houses the Sacco.

The Kenya Police Sacco has a membership of more than 52,000 people although it was originally meant to accommodate members in the security forces.

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The Sacco is open to the public and offers loans of up to 3 times your savings at a 13.5% interest rate annually. Loans can be repaid in up to 48 months.

Wanandege SACCO | Best SACCOs in Kenya

As the name suggests, the Sacco was originally founded by employees in the Kenya airline industry but that has recently changed.

The Sacco accepts members of the public to save with them and borrow as well.

The Sacco currently has two branches one in Nairobi and another one in Mombasa. They also have a reliable M-banking solution which members appreciate.

Wanandege Sacco grants its members loans of up to 3 times their savings. Their average repayment time is 48 months with an interest rate of 1% per month.

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Waumini SACCO | Best SACCOs in Kenya

If you are a religious person, then waumini is a familiar name. This Sacco was started by the Catholic Church of Kenya with the aim of helping all members of their congregation.

Best SACCOs in Kenya

The Sacco has a country-wide reach and a solid financial foundation making it one of the most preferred SACCOs in Kenya.

The Sacco lends up to 3 times the savings at 12.5% interest per Annum and repayment duration of up to 60 months.

Imarika SACCO | Best SACCOs in Kenya

Imarika was formerly known as Kilifi teachers Sacco and was initially based in the coastal region.

The Sacco has since expanded its wings countrywide and increased its membership significantly.

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Their interest rate on normal loans is 1.25% per month. The Sacco, grants loans of up to 2 times your savings payable in 60 months.

Hazina SACCO | Best SACCOs in Kenya

Hazina Sacco is one of the Saccos that have been in the industry for quite some time since 1971.

Over the years, the Sacco has grown its rank to become a deposit-taking Sacco Society.

It currently has over 15,000 active members and it focuses mostly on the county employees, youths, government employees, women, and the private sector.

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This Sacco gives loans of up to 3.5 times your savings at a 1% interest rate per month and repayment duration of up to 72 months.

Maisha Bora SACCO | Best SACCOs in Kenya

Maisha Bora SACCO is one of the most stable small-holder financial institutions which was started in 1974 by a group of Unilever employees. The Sacco issues loans with a 1% reducing balance interest rate.

The loans can be repaid in up to 72 months. Maisha Bora Sacco is open to anyone who may want to join and they offer loans up to 3 times your savings.

Harambee SACCO

In the spirit of Harambee, the Sacco aims to bring people together for a common goal of saving and financial assistance.

The Sacco offers loans of up to 3 times the savings and repayment duration of 48 months at 1% per month interest rate.

For budding entrepreneurs, Harambee Sacco is an institution that you should definitely be considering.

K-Unity Sacco | Best SACCOs in Kenya

Majorly based in Kiambu and Nairobi counties, K-Unity Sacco has earned a stellar reputation for itself since 1974.

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K-Unity Sacco is open to the public but before one can become a fully-fledged member, you have to be vetted according to their policies.

K-Unity grants loans of up to 4 times to their members’ payable in 36 months with an interest rate of 1% per month reducing balance.


Stima Sacco is by no doubt one of the best SACCOs in Kenya with a reasonable reach countrywide.

They currently operate five branches across the country and also enhance their services using their mobile banking system.

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Stima Sacco boasts of experience since it has been in operation since 1974. As a member, you can borrow up to 2 times your savings at a 1% interest rate per month.

The loan should be repaid in up to 60 months making it one of the best institutions to borrow from. Stima Sacco is also open to the public.


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