Boma International Hospitality College Intakes & courses

BOMA international school of Hospitality

If you want to beat the pack and acquire fine culinary skills accepted internationally, then you have to train with experts like Boma International Hospitality College.

Being a professional chef myself, when hospitality is mentioned some of the names that linger in my mind include Utalii College, Boma International Hospitality College, USIU and Amboseli Institute.

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I personally trained at Utalii which is currently rates the second-best hospitality school in the world.

Since I already have an article on Utalii College and all the courses offered there, it is only fair if I give a chance to another able institution. This time it’s Boma International Hospitality College.

Whether you live to eat or eat to live, that is for you to choose but what I know is that good food comes second to nothing.

Boma School of Hospitality which is owned by the Kenya Red Cross Society is an institution that has trained some of the best hospitality personnel in Kenya.

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Boma offers its culinary training in partnership with the Swiss-owned Business & Hotel Management School.

Boma International Hospitality College

The hospitality industry in Kenya and the world at large has evolved largely in the past decade.

If you have the best culinary skills, you should not have any problem working in any corner of the world. You need an institution like Boma to actualize that dream and sharpen your hospitality skills.

Courses at Boma International Hospitality College

Here are some of the marketable courses offered at the Boma International School of Hospitality. The school accepts both local and international students as their way of appreciating diversity.

Diploma in Culinary Arts

This is a two-year program designed to meet the needs of individuals eager to embark on a career within catering institutions.

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Such institutions include hotels, restaurants, schools, outside catering, and other institutions.

It is an ideal course for students looking to pursue the chef’s profession. This is also a good start to pursuing a Bachelor in Culinary Arts.

Diploma in Hotel Management

This is a 2-year diploma course that offers a detailed theoretical and practical approach to hospitality management.

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This diploma course prepares the student for the industry and in case one would like to advance their studies; the course is a stepping stone to a BA in Hotel management.

The course captures all facets of operations in the hospitality industry which include;

  • F&B and RD management,
  • Human resource management
  • Sales marketing and social media marketing
  • Energy and ecology
  • Accounting/finance
  • Resorts management

Certificate in Rooms Division Operations & Management

Room division or housekeeping whichever you like is another major department in the hospitality industry.

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This department deals with the accommodation aspect by providing clean rooms and amenities for the guest.

Certificate in Rooms Division Operations & Management is a one-year certificate course that equips students with professional skills in housekeeping and management.

Certificate in Food and Beverage Operations

The hospitality industry is largely about food and beverage as much as it is about accommodation and fun.

That said, professionals working in the hospitality industry should have the required skills especially on how to handle food and beverages.

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Certificate in Food and Beverage Operations is a one-year certificate course that equips students with professional skills to operate in the F&B department of any establishment.

The course is done in 3 semesters. The first two terms are on-campus studies while the last semester is reserved for industrial attachment.

Students can look for attachment in their preferred establishments or choose to be referred to by the school.

The Take-Away | Boma International Hospitality College

Truth be told, if you want a good career in the hospitality industry, you have to train with the best.

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In Kenya, you only have a few colleges that can actually deliver your dreams and Boma International Hospitality College is one of them.

Enroll with them and get a chance to refine your culinary skills to global standards. Visit their website BIHC for more information on course offered, qualifications and fees.


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