Branch Loan Application and download (2020 Update)

Use this code 1GFFP9 to qualify for instant loans from Branch loan app

Branch loan app download

Branch loan app has held its place as one of the best mobile loan lending apps amid stiff competition from Tala and other entrants. My honest opinion is that Branch is the best mobile lending app that I have used so far.

Their customer services are the best and they are very patient even when you are late on paying your loan.

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This is a step by step guide on how to download, apply and qualify for Branch loans. Let us dive straight into the review:

What is Branch loan app

Owned by Branch international -a microfinance institution that operates in different countries- Branch loan app is one of the many finance apps or mobile loan apps operating in Kenya.

Branch mobile loan app has managed to become one of the best if not the best loan app in Kenya today. This became possible due to the reliability of loans offered by Branch international.

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You qualify for Branch loan apps regardless of which part country you are in. Even better, you can apply for the loans at any time of the day or night.

As a result, the app has become a personal favorite for businessmen, marginalized Kenyans and any person looking for an instant loan.

I am proud to say that the Branch app has never disappointed its borrowers by breaching their privacy.

The Branch loan app always puts the interest of the borrower ahead of its profit agenda. If you are looking for an urgent loan, therefore, there is no better place to be than Branch.

How to download Branch loan App

  • Download Branch application from the Google Play store
  • Install the app on your phone
  • Allow the app to access your details
  • Open the app with your phone number or a genuine Facebook account.
  • Open the App and Click on the left menu. Under Promotions use this code 1GFFP9 to make sure you qualify for a loan.
  • Fill out the form provided and submit it for a quick review.
  • Wait for about an hour or two to apply for your loan

Branch App requirements

The Branch app has made its registration process as simple as possible for beginners. All you need to get started on the app include the following:

  • Active Facebook page
  • Your national ID number
  • Valid Safaricom Mobile number
  • You must have a smartphone to be able to download the application

Failure to provide correct information will lead to disqualification and you will be denied a loan.

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With the information provided, Branch Loan App checks your credit status on CRB and determines your eligibility for a loan.

How to Qualify for a Bigger Loan Limit

From my experience, there is a series of requirements that loan apps look for to determine your loan limit.

I will share with you what I have particularly found important while applying for a Branch loan.

Make sure you apply these rules in all apps when applying for a loan and the results will be 100% successful.

  • Most Important Tip: Enter this code 1GFFP9 under the promotions section and you will automatically qualify for a loan.
  • Make sure the information you give is correct
  • Provide a valid phone number and national ID number
  • Make sure you are not listed on CRB

How to use Branch Loan App

Branch loan App is a downloadable application that can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

The minimum Loan Limit from Branch is Ksh 250 and the biggest amount that you can get from the app is Ksh 50,000.

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Once you get a Branch loan you can choose the repayment period of between 1 to 12 months charged at a flexible interest rate.

The interest rate is usually dependent upon a customer’s credit score and the repayment duration.

Why Branch Loan App?

  • Perhaps the most comforting part about Branch loans is the fact that they do not have rollover fees. The loans also do not attract late penalties
  • Branch app has an affordable interest rate compared to other mobile loan apps.
  • To access Branch loan app services, a customer does not have to own a savings account
  • Each time you pay your previous loan, you qualify for a larger loan next time.
  • Branch loans are very customizable to suit your needs and repayment option.

How Branch Loan app works

Branch mobile loan app is one of the dozens of finance apps in Kenya that has leveraged M-Pesa’s API protocol.

Branch international built their app on M-Pesa’s to ensure that their loans are dispensed to the borrower in the fastest way available.

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Currently, M-Pesa is the quickest way of sending money from one person to the other in Kenya.

The ability to send money even in remote areas makes M-Pesa the best partner for the best lending app in Kenya.

Branch sends all its loans via M-Pesa in a couple of minutes after approval. The borrower receives the money in his/her phone and withdraws it in the nearest M-Pesa agent.

The ability of Branch to give emergency loans in a matter of minutes has won the app some goodwill from Kenyans who keep coming back for more.

In a country with an estimated population of 50 million, more than half of these people are unbanked. Accessing credit from banks is almost impossible for them so the next viable option is mobile loan apps.

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Lending apps like Branch have made it incredibly simple from marginalized Kenyans to apply and qualify for instant mobile loans.

How Branch determines your loan limit

The Branch App uses machine learning algorithms that process thousands of data entries to assess your credit profile and create tailored loan products. The app collects data from these sources to dictate your initial loan limit:

  • Mpesa Logs
  • SMS logs
  • GPS Data
  • Contact lists
  • Call logs
  • Handset Details
  • Social Network Data

How to repay My branch loan

Repaying your Branch loan is as easy as pie. Here are the steps followed to repay your loan to ensure you remain in good books with this loan app.

  1. Go to the Mpesa menu on your phone
  2. Select Lipa na M-Pesa option
  3. Select Paybill and use pay bill number 998608
  4. Use your mobile number as the Account No.
  5. Choose the amount you need to pay and click ok

NB!: You can pay branch loans in installments if you do not have the full amount.

What should I Know about Branch app

Any Kenyan with a Safaricom line and a smartphone has the key to accessing Branch loans.

Branch mobile app is one of the oldest Loan apps in Kenya. The app has been giving mobile loans to Kenyans for a couple of years now. Upon qualifying for a loan with Branch, it is sent to you via M-Pesa almost instantly.

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Branch Loan app is by far one of the most reliable loan apps in Kenya with higher loan limits.

For the time I have been using the app, I have realized that the Branch app increases your loan limit faster than other loan apps.

After repaying your first and second loans, you qualify for a higher loan limit the next time you borrow from them.

How to contact Branch Kenya

Like with any other service or financial institution, at one point you will require help from customer care.

Nothing is frustrating like having a problem with service yet no one is around to help.

The branch loan app understands the importance of having an active customer support system.

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You can easily get help with any issue regarding the branch loan app through the following platforms.

Chat app: On the App, you can use the customer care service section to pass your concerns

Facebook: If you serve at the altar of Facebook, Brach also has an active Facebook Page

Email: You can also reach support through their email

Twitter: You can also find them on Twitter

How to invite Friends and get Commissions

As a way of attracting more Kenyans to the Branch network, Branch international has a referral program where they give you money for every person you refer to them.

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branch loan app download and application

Each time you bring a friend you get Ksh. 300 when your friend repays their loan. To make money by referring people to Branch, follow the following steps:

  • Open the app on your phone
  • Tap on the bars on your top left corner of the screen
  • Click on Invite friends
  • Your invitation code will appear
  • Tap on the ‘invite friends’ button
  • Choose which social media account you want to use i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.
  • Send invitations
  • Friends who will click on your invitation and borrow a loan will earn you Ksh. 300 per person.

Share your experience with mobile loan apps with us in the comment section below. We love hearing from you.



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