Building a three bedroom house with Sh. 2.4 million (Cost Breakdown)

Three bedroom mansion

How much does it cost to build a nice three bedroom mansion in Kenya? Today we are going to answer this question with some expert advice from a real estate developer.

Nothing compares to the feeling of coming back home after all the hustle and bustle of modern living. Having your own place where nobody asks you to pay rent is the greatest form of accomplishment.

However, some people think that building a home is very expensive. As a matter of fact, with Ksh 2.4 million, you can build a magnificent 3 bedroomed mansion for your family.

We have consulted with one of the best real estate developers to come up with the cost estimates that you can rely on.

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Planning way ahead of time before breaking ground is very important for any construction project. You should have a budget set aside to ensure that your project starts and ends successfully.

Here are the cost estimates given to us by Mr. Samuel Ngugi, one of the best real estate developers in the country.

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According to him and the experience he has, 2.4 million is good enough to build you a magnificent 3 bedroomed house.

Three bedroom Cost breakdown

  • Architect and engineering: Sh. 200,000.
  • Planning approvals plus amenities connections paperwork: Sh. 150,000
  • Labour: Sh. 300,000.
  • Building stones: Sh. 350,000.
  • Ballast: Sh. 100,000.
  • Sand: Sh. 100,000.
  • Cement: Sh. 60,000.
  • Plumbing: Sh. 150,000.
  • Roofing and ceiling: Sh. 400,000.
  • Electrical connections: Sh. 150,000.
  • Windows and doors: Sh. 80,000.
  • Interior amenities such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobes: Sh. 150,000.
  • Painting: Sh. 120,000.
  • Walling: Sh. 150,000
  • Landscaping and general finishing: Sh. 100,000.
  • Total: Sh. 2,410,000.

How to build a three-bedroom house with Sh.2.4

Mr. Ngugi said that what Kenyans need to be aware of is that getting their dream house requires patience and technical know-how. That way, they will save lots of money.

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 “Would you rather spend Sh. 30 million on a three-bedroom house along Kiambu Road or spend Sh. 12 million building a house reflecting your own style and fashion?” he asked?

Tell us what you think. Would you rather buy an already built house for 30million while you could build the same and probably better for only 2.4 million?

We would love to hear your thoughts about owning a house. Share your experiences or thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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