How to clear your name from CRB: Details nobody is telling you

how to get cleared from CRB

There is a need to shed light on this important topic of how to clear your name from CRB because very little is said about that.

The Kenyan economy greatly depends on the role of financial institutions which lend to individuals and SMEs.

People have embraced mobile loan apps which offer quick and unsecured loans disbursed through M-Pesa.

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The increasingly growing borrowing trend has helped people to set up their businesses and secure their stock through financial help from financial institutions.

However, there are borrowers who fail to abide by the terms of the loan and refuse to pay. This refusal is called defaulting and the individual who has refused to pay the loan is called a defaulter.

CRB clearance
Metropol Clearance certificate

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In a move to recover their money, financial institutions now list loan defaulters to the Credit Reference Bureau or CRB.

]If you are listed by a CRB, it is a message written on a high wall that you are a serious defaulter who doesn’t pay his/her loans.

For this reason, other financial institutions will deny you a loan if you are listed on any of the three CRBs.

How to clear your name from CRB

I am writing this post is because I was recently involved by a friend who was having trouble with CRB clearance.

Many articles on the internet are talking about how to check your CRB status but very little is said on how to get your name removed and your credit score restored.

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There are a lot of misconceptions around this topic but from my experience, I will share with you what worked and what did not work.

As a matter of fact, the process of clearing your name from CRB is straight forward than I thought.

How to clear your name from CRB if you are listed as a defaulter

If you are listed by any of the three CRBs as a defaulter, you stand to miss out on very crucial services such as:

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  • Your chances of securing a job will be limited since employers won’t hire employees who are loan defaulters
  • As a defaulter, you do not qualify for a loan from another lender until your credit score is restored.
  • No bank or Sacco will be willing to assist you with asset financing if you have been blacklisted as a loan defaulter.

Many people think that the process of clearing your name from CRB is complicated but that is barely true.

As a matter of fact, the first step towards clearing your name from CRB is settling your previous loan. Most people are still on CRB because they have not repaid their loans.

How CRBs work

Lenders including banks and mobile loan apps send a credit report to CRBs every day. So if you pay your outstanding loan today, by the same time tomorrow, your status on the CRB reports will have been restored.

It will show that you have no outstanding loans. The first step, therefore, is to clear your outstanding loans which made you be blacklisted in the first place.

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I failed to mention that you have to register with at least one of the three CRBs. In our case, however, we registered with both Transunion and Metropol because we did not have this knowledge that we are sharing.

While registering with any of the CRBs, you will be required to pay between Ksh 50 – 100 depending on the CRB that you choose to open an account with.

I would recommend Metropol because I found their credit reports very easy to read and interpret.

What I learned

By paying the outstanding loan, my friend’s details were cleared from CRB and without a clearance certificate; he was able to acquire a loan from his bank.

What this means is that you do not have to pay for the CRB clearance certificate unless the bank demand for it.

Remember the clearance certificate will set you back Ksh 2200 and it is only valid for one day. You should, therefore, pay for it when the bank demands to see it.

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Otherwise, if your bank does not require one, by only clearing your outstanding loan, you should qualify for your next loan without trouble.

I also learned that a CRB report should help you to see your loans that are overdue and those that can hinder you from qualifying for loans from other lenders. You should clear those loans to remain in the safe zone.

If you have defaulted on a huge loan which you cannot repay in one installment, you should visit your local bank or lender to discuss the new terms on how you will settle the debt.

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Keep in mind that your credit score can only be reinstated if you clear all your pending loans and as I said before, once you have settled your scores with the lender, it normally takes a day or two for your new credit score ratings to reflect on CRB.

Recap of how to get cleared from CRB

  • Register with any of the three licensed CRBs
  • Pay a one-off registration fee of Ksh 50 or Ksh 100 depending on the CRB you have registered with
  • Request for your CRB report
  • Identify the pending loans which blacklisted you on CRB
  • Clear those loans and wait for a day or two for your credit score to be restored
  • You do not need a Clearance certificate unless a bank requests for one
  • A clearance certificate will set you back Ksh 2200
  • A clearance certificate is only valid for one day

How to register with CRB

The following are the licensed CRBs in Kenya which you should register with to get your Credit reports and Clearance certificates


This is my most preferred CRB which you can register with. Visit their website or

You can also dial *433# on your mobile phone for Safaricom customers only.

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You are required to pay a registration fee of Ksh100. After payment, you will receive a code in the form of an SMS. Use the code to access your report on the website.


To see your credit score on Transunion, you will be required to visit or Here, you will fill in the forms and send them back.

To subscribe to their monthly or annual credit reports, send your names to 21272. The message will cost you Ksh. 50.

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You can also access your credit report from Creditinfo. Visit to register and get an annual report of your credit status on your email address.


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