Check your CRB status online to know your Credit score

How to check CRB status in Kenya

Knowing your CRB status as a Kenyans is very imperative. Your credit score plays a very significant role while applying for loans from various lenders.

There comes a time in every person’s life where they will require a loan either because of an emergency or because they want to take their businesses to the next level.

In this article, I am going to guide you on how to check your CRB status and why it is so important to have a good credit score.

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A good credit score means you can access loans from various lenders without any problem.

If you are listed by CRB as a loan defaulter, that taints your image as a borrower as it shows that you do not pay your loans or you pay them with a lot of difficulties.

It should be noted that most lenders including mobile loan apps confirm your credit score from CRB before granting you a loan.

This should highlight the importance of maintaining a good credit score for when you will require a loan so bad.

What is CRB?

CRB stands for Credit Reference Bureau which is a body that specializes in the collection of credit and sales performance information of individuals and companies.

This information is used to inform companies or individuals about the credibility of a company or individual they want to affiliate themselves with.

Think of CRB as a blacklist of people and companies that you should never conduct a deal with because they will probably disappoint you and steal your money

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services you cannot get if you are blacklisted on CRBThe law allows a company or an individual to submit the names of an individual with a non-performing loan to CRB.

The aim of that is to prevent those individuals or companies from defaulting ‘stealing’ from other companies or individuals.

As you may imagine, there are several cases of people who refuse to pay loans in a country with over 40 million people.

You don’t have to look hard to point out such an issue. Maybe there is a friend of yours who owes you money that they have shown no effort in paying.

CRB companies in Kenya

There are three companies in Kenya that are currently licensed as CRB. They include;

  • Metropol Corporation
  • TransUnion CRB Kenya
  • CreditInfo

Discover the pros and cons of being listed on CRB

How to check your CRB Status

As stated earlier, it is important to know your CRB status because you can also be blacklisted by mistake.

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You should ensure that your name and detail are not in the CRB blacklist in order to maintain a good credit score.

To check your credit status with CRB you have to register with any of the three licensed CRB companies. Here is a guided walk of how to check your status with each of the CRB companies.

How to check Your CRB status with Metropol

  • Dial *433# on your mobile phone using Safaricom line
  • Enter your National ID Number
  • Enter an agent number if you were referred by a Metropol agent
  • If you were not referred enter zero (0) to proceed
  • Confirm your details to complete the registration process
  • Pay Ksh 100 as registration fees through the Pay Bill number 220388
  • Use your National ID number as the account number.
  • You will receive an SMS with Crytobol PIN, a Reference Number, and a Link to access your credit report.
  • Visit the Metropol website through the link provided and enter your phone number and reference number to download your credit report.

How to use Metropol website

To access other services on the Metropol website, follow the following steps. Remember to pay for all the charges the same way you paid for registration.

  • Enter your PIN, in case you forgot, Call 0709 834 000 for assistance
  • Select your desired service from a variety of options including
  • Remember that all payments are made to PayBill number 220388, use your National ID number as the account number.

List of service charges on Metropol website

You will have to pay the following amounts for the following services

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  • Credit Score – Ksh 150
  • Blacklist Status – Ksh 50
  • Credit Report – Ksh 250
  • Who Has Blacklisted Me – Ksh 50
  • Clearance Certificate – Ksh 2200

How to contact Metropol CRB Kenya

Metropol Corporation is the leading provider of business information and debt management services in the Eastern Africa region. Here is their contact information:

  • Physical Address: Shelter Afrique, Upper Hill
  • Tel: 020 2689881/27113575
  • Mobile: 0727 413 733/0732 774666
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Date licensed: 11th April 2011

How to check your CRB Status with TransUnion

You can access the services from TransUnion through 3 different ways which include; TransUnion Nipashe App, SMS code 21272 and the TransUnion official website

  • You can access TransUnion services by texting your full names to 21272
  • NOTE: using the SMS shortcode could be expensive since each SMS costs Ksh 19. To save on these charges, we recommend that you download the TransUnion Nipashe App.
  • To register, pay Ksh 50 to Paybill number 212121 and use your National ID as the Account Number
  • Access your details after registration using any of the three means: SMS, APP or Website

If you access your CRB status, it should be interpreted as follows.

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GOOD: This means your credit status is positive

DEFAULT: This means your credit status is negative

If you have a negative credit status, you can clear your name by paying Ksh 2200 to paybill number 212121 using your National ID number as the account number.

After paying the clearance fee, forward that M-Pesa message to this email You will receive a Clearance certificate ones your name has been cleared.

How to contact TransUnion CRB Kenya

  • Tel: 020 3751799/3751360/2/4/5
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Date licensed: 9th Feb 2010

How to check CRB Status with Creditinfo

Credit info is the third company that you can check your credit status with. You simply fill in the credit report form on their website and send the request.

If your report comes with negative credit status, you can apply for a clearance certificate on the website and pay the clearance fee as required.

In case of a dispute with your credit report, you should fill in the credit report dispute form. If you want to know the creditor that listed you on CRB, you will have to pay Ksh 50.

If you were wrongly blacklisted, you should resolve the issue with the creditor who forwarded your name.

How to contact Creditinfo CRB Kenya

  • Call:+254 20 375 7272
  • Physical address: Spark Suite, Parklands road
  • E-mail:
  • Date licensed: 29th April 2015
  • Website:

Know your rights as a borrower

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  • Before blacklisting you, a creditor MUST alert you first to inform you of pending or non-performing loans that you owe them
  • You can report a creditor to the Credits information Sharing body (CIS) if they blacklist you without a prior alert. The role of the body is to ensure fairness in the credit industry in Kenya.
  • Make sure you know your credit score if lately, you have been experiencing problems while trying to borrow from mobile loan apps. Give us a thumbs up if the article was helpful.



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