Dam scandals: Henry Rotich and CMC di Ravenna in hot soup

dam scandals

Corruption has become an order of the day in Kenya and it is starting to get into the nerves of everyone. One of the most recent corruption conspiracies that surfaced early this year is the Kimwarer and Arror dam scandals. These dam scandals evoked different emotions among taxpayers as blame game and fingers started to point to various leaders.

Kenyans resented the manner in which the DCI was slow in conducting investigations but yesterday a grim of hope was shone when arrests were made involving very senior government officials. One of the senior government officials involved in this conspiracy is the finance minister Henry Rotich who has since pleaded not guilty.

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An Italian construction company ‘CMC di Ravenna’ was also charged with the multi-million dollar corruption scandal. The company has also denied any wrongdoing and has promised to comply with the courts and authorities as investigations continue.

The Kimwarer and Arror dam scandals led to the loss of billions of shillings in projects that were never delivered.  The arrested suspects have been charged with various counts of conspiracy, money laundering, and misuse of office.

Henry Rotich is said to have played a key role in the conspiracy that involved projects in his count’s backyard. The president has issued a warning to all civil servants who were caught up in such conspiracies and assured Kenyans that anyone who will be mentioned in a corruption case will be removed from office.

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Corruption in high offices

Kenyans are looking forward to seeing Henry Rotich stepping down anytime from now to pave way to investigations. Ministers assume office under the mercies of the President so if President Kenyatta was to make a call today, Henry Rotich would be out of office sooner than he thought.

Kimwarer and Arror dam Scandals

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“The company is already working with the Kenyan judicial authority to settle the matter as soon as possible,” CMC di Ravenna said in a statement issued in Italy late on Tuesday.

Kenya was set to seek the extradition of one of the company’s directors to face charges in Nairobi, the director of public prosecutions, Noordin Haji, told Reuters on Tuesday. He said the company had not cooperated with investigations.

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It breaks my heart to see that senior government officials entrusted to safeguard public money are in the frontline of frisking Kenyans. It reminds me of the story of a forest that was continuously voting for the axe and the trees population was reducing. They thought the axe was one of their own because the handle was made of wood.

Kimwarer and Arror dam Scandals

To understand the magnitude of these particular dam scandals, dams that would be serving Kenyans by now have stalled. “Work on the two dams has not started yet,” the prosecutors said. Even worse, no land where the dams are meant to be built has yet been acquired.

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The Finance minister Henry Rotich was freed on 15 million shillings bail and is one of the 26 people facing charges related to the dam scandals conspiracy. The minister is set to return to the court on 8th August.

Since the directive by President Kenyatta to fight corruption, hundreds of senior and junior government officials and business people have been charged with corruption cases.

However, Kenyans are not impressed with the pace everything is being conducted. Kenyans want to see people aligned in court and charged for their wrongdoings.

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