DHL express: Everything you need to know about DHL express

DHL express

DHL Express is an international shipping service offered by DHL that ensure your cargo is delivered in the shortest time possible. DHL was established in 1969 by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn.

The name DHL is derived from the first initial of each founder’s last name. You will agree with me that DHL is one of the biggest shipping companies in the modern world.

They have a fleet of trains, planes, boats, vans and other transport systems that facilitate the movement of cargo from one place to another.

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DHL express is a very convenient service that allows you to ship a wide range of packages and parcels along with providing you with tracking solutions.

Deutsche Post covers an impressive 120,000 designations in over 220 countries all over the world.

What’s DHL Express?

There is a very big difference between DHL Global Mail and DHL express although the two services are offered by the same parent company.

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DHL express in this case is an international service only that allows you to send cargo from one country to another.

It is the fastest option you have if you wish to send cargo to another country in the shortest time possible. You cannot use DHL express to send cargo within the same country.

On the other hand, DHL Global Mail allows you to send both domestic and international cargo but the service is not as fast as DHL Express.

Is DHL Express fast?

As mentioned above, this service tries as much as possible to reduce the shipping time to an absolute minimum.

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Let’s say you need to send some extremely crucial or valuable cargo to another country in the shortest time possible, you could do that with DHL Express Same day delivery service.

As the name suggests, your name will arrive that same day but the cost will, of course, be higher than the regular costs.

How long does it take for DHL to deliver?

If you are using DHL Global Mail services to ship your cargo, it should take you 1–3 Weeks for your cargo to reach your destination.

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The time taken can be reduced significantly by using Express services. Even so, DHL Global Mail confirms that delivery time is determined by the distance covered i.e. how far apart the export and import locations are.

How do I track my DHL package?

DHL tracking solution allows you to keep track of your cargo and see the daily milestones. If you have problems with tracking your DHL express cargo, make sure you contact the customer care services for assistance.

To track your package, use the 10 digit tracking code to track your parcel on the DHL website.

Track UK shipment (14 digits e.g. 41505910017980)

Track driver calling card (7 digits e.g. 3710615)

Track UK return shipment (9 digits, always starts with ‘9’ e.g. 928341972)

Track shipment from Europe (always starts with 2 letters e.g. CH400397205DE)

How to track your package online

DHL Express online tracking is the fastest way to find out where your parcel is. There’s no need to call Customer Service when you can get real-time details of your parcel’s progress as it speeds through the DHL Network on the way to its destination.

How to track your package Email

Open a new email message and send your Waybill number only in the subject field to

How to track your package via Text Message

Simply send a text message with your waybill number to 07720 334 455 and DHL will text you back with the latest information on your parcel. Standard network charges apply.

What is DHL waybill number?

Simply put, the DHL waybill number is a 10 digit numeric number e.g. 2345678901, 1234567890 that is used to track your shipment.

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In other words, this number can be called a tracking code. It is important to note that the Waybill numbers are time-definite. DHL periodically recycles the shipment numbers for operational reasons.

How long does DHL Express International take?

DHL Express provides solutions that suit your budget. That said, you can opt for same-day delivery and pay a higher premium. Or you can wait for the regular Express delivery time that takes approximately 2-4 days for cargo to be shipped.

There are several questions asked by individuals with regard to tracking of their cargo. Read the Frequently Asked Questions and answers to get all your questions answered.


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