DStv Packages, Channels and Prices in Kenya [Latest]

DStv Packages

Which is the number one paid TV service provider in Africa? DStv of course! If most people had one word to describe DStv packages, that word would be ‘expensive’. But If I was told to describe the DStv experience with one word, that word would be ‘entertaining’. Nothing comes close to the DStv experience in TV entertainment.

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What are DStv packages?

DStv packages are paid TV options that come with different channel selections for a specific monthly fee.

DStv from Multichoice was among the first companies in Africa to venture into pay-TV service provision.

The company that hails from South Africa has now become a household name for millions of families in Africa.

Compared to other pay-TV options like Startimes and Gotv, most people feel that DStv is a bit too expensive for their budget.

Still, DStv has very limited packages so you either afford it or not. Fortunately, you can subscribe to Gotv which is the little sibling of DStv and it’s more affordable and flexible.

DStv Packages and Prices

Are you planning to be a DStv subscriber or are you a subscribe looking to upgrade your package, take a look at the DSTV packages and their prices and make an informed decision. Here are the packages offered by DStv and their prices.

Since the prices are revised regularly, always check the new prices here.

DStv Packages Monthly Rate Available Channels
DStv premium Ksh 7,500 128
DStv Compact Plus Ksh 4,500 113
DStv Compact Ksh 2,500 106
DStv Family Ksh 1,200 87
DStv Access Ksh 900 71

DStv Packages | DStv Premium [Ksh7500]

I do not think there is any other service provider that charges as expensive as DStv. But it is only fair to also say that there are no other service providers who will offer quality entertainment than what you get with the DSTV premium package.

This package comes with over 120 quality TV channels most of them being football channels to ensure that you catch the game live and in HD.

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This package also comes with free access to Showmax so you can have unlimited entertainment for all your family members.

The sad part is that you will have to part with Ksh. 7500 for this subscription every month. Phew, that’s expensive yooo.

DStv compact plus [Ksh. 4500]

If you have some Ksh. 4500 to spare every month, why not spend that on some quality TV entertainment. One may wonder why I Keep saying quality but wait until you see what some of these TV service providers give you.

I mean what is the point of getting Indian or Chinese channels showing content that you don’t even understand just because their package is cheaper? It makes no sense.

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With DStv however, you get world-class entertainment and a very rich selection of channels such as discovery channel, Planet wild, Nat geo, Select sport, supersport and so much more.

If you still think that Ksh. 4500 is outrageous for 113 quality channels you are not my friend anymore.

DStv Packages | DStv Compact [Ksh. 2500]

Over and over again I say that you are your own financial manager so you should make your choices wisely. Here is the DStv Compact package that comes with 106 channels for Ksh. 2500 a month.

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It is a good deal for a middle-class family or if you run a restaurant or bar. The package has all the channels to keep everybody entertained.

DStv Access [Ksh. 900]

Paying Ksh. 900 a month will not take a toll on your budget so this is the most affordable package that you can get from DStv.

This DStv package comes with 71 different channels where 10 of the channels are local free to air channels. So, in short, you pay Ksh. 900 for 61 premium channels.


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