How that second hand phone you bought will land you in jail for murder

Second hand phone could land you in Jail

Did you know that buying any second hand phone electronic gadget from an unregistered dealer is a crime that can result in serious lawsuits?

Most of us know or have probably heard of someone who has found themselves in the wrong hands of the law after they were found with a second hand phone involving a murder case.

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Following the increased number of such cases, the police have warned the public against buying second-hand gadgets especially mobile phones and laptops from unregistered dealers.

In a move aimed at curbing theft of electronic goods, the DCI says members of the public should purchase from dealers who have

“A fixed physical address and have conspicuously displayed the requisite authorization documents including licenses, permits and other local or national approvals.”

Do Not Buy Second Hand phone and gadgets

 “It is risky & dangerous to buy any electronic device from suspicious outlets. Most are those who buy stolen items from armed gangsters who have violently robbed innocent citizens & in the process kill or maim them. Don’t buy a device of a fellow murdered or maimed Kenyan. When police forensically investigate & find you in possession of such said devices, by the time it is established that you were not involved in the crime, you may have suffered immensely.”

Adding, “Being found with suspected stolen property, you suffer immediate consequences of the Actual Criminal, which may escalate to Death Sentences.

We further urge electronic dealers to seize the IT/ICT technology & ensure they mark at the counter every electronic gadget bought by a customer as a value-added incentive with indelible initials as may please the customer for safety & security purposes.

This makes it hard for criminals to hawk it & easier for investigative agencies to track & identify.

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DCI continued, “In case of any doubt that you may be harboring any gadget of suspicious source, please and in Confidence report at any Police Station or DCI Office.”

Second-Hand Gadgets could land you in Jail

The DCI said unregistered dealers trade in stolen goods some of which have been robbed from murdered victims. This is risky and dangerous to buy any electronic device from suspicious outlets.

Most are those who buy stolen items from armed gangsters who have violently robbed innocent citizens and in the process killed and maimed them.

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In case anyone is found to have purchased a stolen electronic gadget they risk prosecution.

Second hand gadgets could land you in Jail

Back in 2015, Ugandan star Wyclef Wamala better known as Ambassada was charged with possessing a stolen iPad valued at Ksh65,000 belonging to Hapa Kule News show comedian Fred Omondi Owino.

The Kenyan-based Ugandan artiste who’s known for his hit song Watoto Inkane was charged alongside Evans Okongo and Michael Wandera and were later released on a bond as their case will be heard on May 5th.

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This was because he had bought the iPad from the guys who stole it from the TV actor. Eventually, the charges against Ambassada were dropped. Lucky for him the owner of the iPad had not been harmed.


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