How to download Afri Kash loan app and get instant mobile loans

afri Kash loan app download and application

Developed by Afri-CAN Sun Limited, Afri Kash loan app Kenya is one of the most popular and most preferred loan apps in Kenya. The app has been around for a few years now and they have made measurable progress in how they dispense their loans.

Afri Kash loan app leverages the convenience of M-Pesa hence they dispense all their loans through M-Pesa.

M-Pesa is the easiest and the quickest way that loan apps can send loans to borrowers in a matter of minutes.

This has made loan apps popular among Kenyans who prefer to borrow online. According to the World Bank, a significant percentage of the population is unbanked and underserved by mainstream banks.

afri Kash loan app

As a result, these people depend on mobile loan apps like Afri Kash to acquire credit. Afri Kash has played a critical role in providing quick, reliable and fast mobile loans to Kenyans.

Compared to mainstream banks, Afri Kash loan app does not require the borrower to provide security or collateral for the loan they apply for.

As a result, poor peoples have managed to get loans and started small businesses courtesy of mobile loans.

While banks were locking out Marginalized Kenyans, Afri Kash loan app saw an opportunity. They saw great potential in a people willing to beat all odds to make it in life.

They developed their lending app with the interest of marginalized people in mind. What has been holding most young people from achieving their dreams is the lack of capital.

Fortunately, with Afri Kash, young people can now borrow small loans and invest in SMEs to transform their lives.

Getting Started with Afri Kash Loan App

There is a bucket list of loan apps in Kenya all promising heaven on earth but Afri Kash delivers their promise.

I personally tested the app and in the same minute that I applied for the loan, I received it in my M-Pesa account. What was stunning too is the fact that their initial loan limit is slightly higher compared to the competition.

Afri Kash is surely developed with the common person’s interest in mind because you get to choose the rate and duration you want to repay your loan based on your financial ability.

Still, you cannot help but notice that their interest rate is very favorable unlike some other apps with unreasonable rates.

If you are an avid borrower with other apps you may have noticed that their repayment date is fixed. This can be very restraining especially if the date finds you broke. Afri Kash loan app Kenya allows you to pay your loan in your convenience without twisting your hand.

Many businesses focus on the profits as the end result and sometimes the means they use to arrive at their goals can be daunting.

At Afri Kash loan app, they have a corporate social responsibility plan in place. This means that they prioritize on the satisfaction of the borrower and profits come second.

You can clearly see this throughout the app where interest rates are very favorable, repayment durations are not fixated and their recovery process is ethical.

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How to borrow from Afri Kash

Below is a step by step guide that you should follow to successfully apply and qualify for a loan from Afri Kash loan app:

  • Download Afri Kash Kenya app from play store
  • Verify your phone number
  • Fill in the required personal details (NB: Most people fail to qualify for a loan because of giving false information. Make sure you are honest with every piece of information you give)
  • Submit 3Months M-Pesa Statement
  • Your account will be reviewed and activated shortly
  • Ones your account has been activated, log in using your PIN
  • Choose an amount equal to or less than your loan limit
  • Submit the application
  • Your loan will be sent to your Afri Kash verified phone number within minutes

How to repay Afri Kash Loans

Repaying your loan is critical as it allows you to qualify for more loans and increase your loan limit. All non-performing loans are forwarded to CRB for blacklisting. If it is your wish to continue enjoying Afri Kash loans, then you definitely have to repay your loans as shown below.

  • Go to M-Pesa Menu
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa
  • Select Paybill (Enter 571485 which is Afri Kash business number)
  • Account number (enter your verified phone number)
  • Enter amount as the loan amount you are supposed to pay
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN
  • Send

If you have any queries about Afri Kash loans, you can easily resolve them by reaching Afri Kash Kenya support team through


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