How to silence a beeping token meter and how to check your token number

how to silence a beeping token meter

In this quick guide, we are going to show you how to silence a beeping token meter and how to check your KPLC token number. Tokens can be quite frustrating and most of us can testify of how pre-Paid tokens have messed us at a time of need.

If you have a KPLC token meter installed in your house, it can be a great distraction especially when the low electricity units alarm goes off.

At night when you are trying to get some rest and peace of mind, they seem to beep the loudest.

Fortunately, you can silence a beeping token meter if you are not a fan of the beeping alarm warning you that your tokens are almost depleted.

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You will, however, need to know the model of meter that has been installed in your house since the procedure of silencing a beeping token meter varies with the make.

People who live in rental houses are the greatest victims of these KPLC token meters.

If you move to a different house and find a different meter, you will have to learn about it since the command you used in your previous meter does not apply to another.

The mute code differs from one meter to the other that is why we have prepared this article for you to guide you on how to silence a beeping token meter of any model.

How to silence a beeping token meter

Pre-Paid token meters allow you to monitor and manage your electricity usage easily compared to traditional meters.

When your tokens fall below the 20kWh mark, the meter will alert you through its built-in alarm-like sound. Since this alert system is continuous, the sound could become annoying very fast.

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The most popular token meters used in most homes include; Hexing, Inhemeter, Actaris, Nirav and Conlog Intech. Below is the mute code for silencing various token meters by model or make.

how to silence a beeping token meter

NB: this goes to all the ladies out there, the first step is to go to your token meter and read the brand name of that token meter. It will be written in bold on the front side of the meter. The next step is to use the correct mute code for that specific meter as follows.

Inhemeter token meter

Inhemeter is not a new model for most households. Out of the three houses I have lived in so far, 2 of them used to have Inhemeter token meter models.

To silence the beeping alarm on an Inhemeter model, press 016 and “Enter”

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Nirav token Meter

Nivar is another KPLC token meter model that is common in most households. It may be written Nivar or Nivar Star Instrument but it is one and the same thing. If you have such a meter model, press 1037 then “Enter” to silence the beeping alarm.

Hexing token meter

The KPLC hexing token meter model is the most common meter that is used in most households across the country. If your meter model is a hexing, press 812 then “Enter” or 812# to silence the beeping alarm.

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Conlog Intech

Perhaps the Conlog Intech model is the easiest meter model to silence. If you own such a model in your house, the only thing you need to do is long-press the (#) button until the beeping stops.

Actaris Token meter

Although the Actaris Token Meter model is not that common, some households have it installed.

You can silence the beeping alarm of Actaris models by long-pressing the “ENTER” button. In case that does not work, try out the methods specified for other models in this article.

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Itron Token Meter

Itron meter models are relatively easy to silence as you are only required to long-press the “Enter button” until the beeping alarm stops.

Shenzen meter model

Shenzen meter models have an interesting way of silencing the beeping alarm which can also be confusing for first-timers.

To silence the beeping alarm of a Shenzen model, press 1037 and press “Enter 3 times”. Read that again!

Intech Meter Model

The final model that we will be reviewing today is the Intech token meter model. It is a model that has been used in a number of households so it makes perfect sense to feature it.

If you own one of the Intech Meter models, press 812 followed by # i.e. 812# to silence the beeping alarm.

how to silence a beeping token meter

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How to Know Your KPLC Prepaid Meter Number

Have you ever moved into a new house and settled in just because everything is working then when you were about to get comfortable, the electricity goes out. It is a new house, you want to buy tokens but you do not know your token meter number.

Don’t worry, we will show you how you can check your prepaid token meter number effortlessly. You will have to save the meter number somewhere for easy reference next time.

Most households in Kenya today are using pre-paid KPLC meters which should be topped up with tokens from time to time.

If you any reason you do not know your token meter number, follow the following steps.

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NB: the procedure for checking your token meter number varies depending on the type or model of meter you are using. Here are the various ways of checking your meter number on various meter models.

HEXING: dial 804 enter or 804#

SHENZEN: dial 65 enter

ACTARIS: press 100 enter or #

CIU-PLC: press 75#

CONLOG: #100 enter or #100#

000# and 100# can also work on other meter models that we have not specified here.

Token meters have their model names written on them. If you are not sure of the make, however, try out these options to find out which works for you.

A meter number is an 11 digit number which you use each time you are buying tokens either from a vendor or through M-Pesa.


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