Huduma Namba: Services you will not access without a Huduma Namba

Huduma Namba

Kenyans now have a last chance to apply for a Huduma Namba before they face the consequences of their actions. The Kenyan government has given another chance to those who never registered for a Huduma Namba to do so in the next opening which will take two weeks.

This time the government is not letting go without some fight. There will be consequences if you do not apply for the Huduma Namba. Although the court ruled that the Huduma number should be voluntary, the proposed bill by CS Matiang’i is now eliciting mixed reactions.

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Huduma Namba

The bill proposed by the CS for interior security comes with dire consequences for those who will not apply for a Huduma Number. Huduma Number was aimed at establishing a national population database. It will be a single source of truthful and foundational data of all Kenyans and foreigners living in Kenya.

People who have not registered for Huduma Number will be expected to register in the next registration exercise that will start on 25th July and run for 14 days.

Ones the 2019 Huduma Bill is passed, people without a Huduma Namba will miss out on key government services in Kenya. We have compiled a list of services that you will not be able to access if you do not have a Huduma Number.

Services you will not access without a Huduma Namba

Here are the services that you will not have access to without a Huduma Namba ones the Huduma Bill 2019 has been passed. You will not be able to complete or get these services without a Huduma Namba

  1. Buying or selling land
  2. Applying for a driving license
  3. Registering for electricity connection
  4. Registering a mobile phone number
  5. Applying for a passport
  6. Registering as a voter
  7. Opening a bank account
  8. Access universal health care services
  9. Paying taxes
  10. Transacting in the financial markets
  11. You won’t register or transfer a motor vehicle or any other specified public service
  12. Registering a company or a public benefit organization
  13. You cannot enroll in a public educational facility
  14. Benefit from the affordable government housing scheme
  15. You won’t get a marriage certificate

Last Chance to apply for Huduma Namba

Huduma Namba

Kenyans against the Huduma Namba might just be forced to apply for the Huduma Number after all. The Huduma Bill that was proposed by CS Matiang’i might end up bringing dire consequences to people against the process.

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According to the CS for interior security, all Kenyans should be on board the Huduma Number concept. It will help establish a comprehensive and reliable digital national population database. The Huduma Number will facilitate transparency and promote the quality and efficiency of public service delivery.

The National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) now wants all Kenyans who never participated in the previous registration exercise to come out in numbers and register in this final chance that has been offered.

Ones approved by the National Assembly, and upon getting assent from the president, Huduma Namba will become a mandatory requirement for all Kenyans.

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