Is Bet Palace a good betting site compared to Betika or Scorepesa?

Bet Palace Kenya

Although it is not as popular as Betika or Scorepesa, Bet Palace is one of the proper betting sites that you can bet with.

It is actually among the top 5 most preferred betting sites in Kenya and frankly speaking it is a betting company that holds so much potential.

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Bet Palace is one of the betting platforms that have gained their glory post the Scorepesa era and is battling its way to the top position. In this review, we are going to take a look at the following areas of interest;

  • How to Register or Join
  • How to place your bet via SMS
  • Online betting
  • How to use the Mfalme bonus
  • The types of games offered on bet palace

Technically, bet palace has a very easy to use interface and newbies should not have any problem navigating through the site.

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It shares some components with the belated Sportpesa so it is hard to get lost while navigating around the options.

How to join Bet Palace

You can register for a bet palace account online or join via SMS. To join Bet Palace via SMS, send the word BETPALACE to 29085.

You will receive a welcome message and a link for the website. Once you have registered you may bet from either web or SMS.

To register online, just click on this link and register for your account. You will receive a verification SMS which you will use to verify your account

How to Deposit money On Bet Palace

You can only deposit or top up your Bet Palace account using Mpesa. Here is the step by step process on how to top up you Betpalace account via Mpesa:

  • Go to your MPESA Menu
  •  Select “Lipa na MPESA”.
  • Use Paybill Number 290085
  • Account Number BETPALACE
  • Enter the amount you wish to top up and proceed to complete the MPESA deposit process normally.

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Check your BETPALACE wallet account to confirm that you have been credited with the topped up amount. If the money is not reflecting, go to their website and chat with them via the chats section.

How to deposit money online on Bet Palace

Alternatively, you can deposit money using the online method.

  • Log in to your Betpalace account
  • Click on Deposit money
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit
  • Follow the prompts
  • Enter your Mpesa Pin and the deposit will be done automatically

How to bet on Betpalace

You can choose to bet via SMS or to bet online. While betting via SMS, look out for the GAME ID of your favorite match on the Bet Palace website.

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To get the GAME IDs on your phone via SMS, send the word GAMES to 29085. To bet via SMS, use the following format after getting the Game IDs.

GAMEID#YOUR PREDICTION#STAKE and send the message to 29085. For example 1345#2X#250 and send the message to 29085.

For a Multi-bet, use the following format and send the SMS to 29085:  GAMEID1#PICK1#GAMEID2#PICK2#GAMEID3#PICK3#GAMEID4#PICK4#STAKE.

Betting Markets and what they mean

Here are the most common markets and what they mean;

  • 1 = Home Team
  • X = Draw
  • 2 = Away Team
  • OV25 = Over 2.5
  • UN25 = Under 2.5
  • 1X = Home or Draw
  • X2 = Draw or Away Team
  • 12 = Home Team or Away Team

How to bet Online via the website

Betting online is far much simpler since you only need to log in and make a few clicks to place your bet. To bet online successfully, log into your account to see the available games for betting.

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Select your preferred matches, enter your preferred stake, and click on PLACE BET under the BETSLIP tag.

How to Withdraw from Betpalace

There are two withdrawal options on Bet Palace. You can withdraw via SMS or withdraw online.

How to withdraw via SMS from Betpalace

Withdrawal via SMS is very easy and can be done on the go. Even if you are in a place with poor internet connectivity, you can still withdraw by sending an SMS.

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To withdraw via SMS, send the following format WITHDRAW#AMOUNT to 29085. For example, if you want to withdraw 200/=, send (WITHDRAW#200 to 29085).

How to withdraw from Bet Palace online

The other option you have to withdraw money from Betpalace is the online method. For this method, you will have to log into your bet palace account and click on the withdraw button. You must be logged in to see the withdraw option.

Make sure you provide the needed information and the withdrawal will be completed and credited to your Mpesa.

How to redeem Bet Palace bonus

Betpalace has a bonus dubbed Mfalme Bonus. It is a 2000/= welcome bonus for all new customers joining Bet palace. The bonus can be redeemed in 4 easy steps as explained below:

  • Register on Betpalace
  • Deposit money in your Bet Place account
  • Place your first bet with Betpalace
  • Claim your bonus

Terms and conditions of using Bet Palace Bonus

  • The bonus cannot be used solely as the stake
  • You cannot withdraw the bonus
  • The bonus will be redeemed as many times as possible until you finish it.
  • Mfalme bonus is used to discount your bet by 10% of the stake you have used. (For example, if you have placed a bet with 1000/=, the bonus will refund you with 10% of that which is 100/=.)

All bonuses are subject to these terms and conditions.

Bet Palace Customer Care contacts

In case you are having any issue that needs assistance, you can call the following numbers to talk to Betplace customer care and support.

  • 0739 290 085
  • 0777 290 085
  • Whatsapp: 0797 290 087
  • Email:


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