What questions will be asked during the 2019 KENYA CENSUS

KNBS is prepared for 2019 Kenya census set for August

2019 Kenya census

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics is all set for the 2019 Kenya census which will be the first digital census in Kenya and the region. Kenya is ranked 27th in the world in terms of population index with an estimated population of 52.57 million people in 2019.

The 2019 Kenyan census that will be conducted on August 24/25 will officially announce the correct population ones the data has been computed.

The last population census in Kenya was conducted in 2009 where Kenya was confirmed to have a population of 38,610,097 people.

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What is KNBS?

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) is a principal Government agency that is responsible for the collection, compilation, analysis, publication, and dissemination of official statistical information. The KNBS is also the official custodian of statistical information collected in Kenya.

Speaking with the press, KNBS Director General Zachary Mwangi said that the 2019 Kenya Census will cost a whooping Ksh 18.5 billion.

However, he reassured Kenyans that this will be a census like no other since it will be computer-assisted and paperless.

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2019 Kenya census
KNBS DG Zachary Mwangi

He also said that the computer programs that will be used to conduct the census are locally designed, developed and tested.

“We’re very confident about our data-capture program.” The KNBS DG stated during a briefing at KICC in Nairobi.

The KNBS DG also added that having the technology locally assembled was a deliberate decision. It shows that our universities and Kenya at large has the capacity to come up with sophisticated solutions.

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Kenya census jobs

Moi University and JKUAT University were given the opportunity to assemble 164700 data-capture devices at a cost of Ksh 15,000 per device.

Training for the 164,700 enumerators and supervisors is currently ongoing to ensure that by August 24th everything will be set.

The 2019 Kenya Census will have 2,700 ICT supervisors, 27,000 content supervisors, and 135,000 enumerators.

The KNBS DG also revealed that the ICT supervisors will train the content supervisors who will in turn train the enumerators for the digital census. The 2019 Kenya census will be the first one under the new (2010) constitution.

What should I know about the Kenya Census 2019

The 2019 population census is just around the corner and most of you have lots of questions about the census itself and how it will be conducted.

We have answered all the questions you may have about the 2019 Kenya census in this section starting with the easiest to the most sophisticated questions.

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Some of you also want to know what kind of questions will be asked so stay tuned to find out.

What is a household or population census?

In simple terms, a census can be defined as the total count of people at a specified time within a country’s boundaries or within a well-defined part of the country.

How often is a Housing Census undertaken in Kenya?

In Kenya, a housing or population census is conducted after every 10 years with respect to the international standards. Kenya has conducted 7 censuses in counting since 1948.

Every 10 year after the last census, a new census has to be conducted to establish the country’s population. Here are the censuses that Kenya has conducted: 1948, 1962, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999, 2009, and now the anticipated 2019 census.

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When is the next census?

The next Kenyan census will be conducted starting from 24/25th and run till 31st August 2019.

Why is conducting a Census Important?

In case you may be wondering, let it be known to you that census is a primary source of reliable and detailed data about the composition, size, and distribution of the population in a country at a specific time.

Data collected during a census gives a clear picture of the number of people living in the country or in different parts of the country, their living conditions, economic activities and their access to basic needs.

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The data is then used by the government planners to distribute social services based on the population cluster.  This helps a government to achieve sustainable development goals among other international requirements.

Who spearheads the implementation of Census in Kenya?

The KNBS is mandated to spearhead the 2019 Kenya census. It does so on behalf of the government following an act of parliament and a legal gazette notice.

KNBS fulfills its mandate in partnership with other government departments, ministries, learning institutions, development partners and agencies.

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Why is the 2019 Kenya Census different?

The 2019 Kenya census set for August will be the first digital census to be conducted in Kenya. It will use the Computer-aided Personal interviewing technique (CAPI). For accuracy and fast processing, a tablet will be used to capture the information directly.

In order to maintain credibility, integrity and public confidence, the bureau has adhered to the international guidelines of a statistical system which include; transparency, professionalism, integrity, and accountability.

Who will be counted?

As required, everyone who will be within Kenyan borders on the night of 24/25th will be counted. This means that visitors and refugees will also be counted.

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Will Biometrics be taken?

NO! According to the UN principles and recommendations for housing and population censuses, the use of biometrics is not recommended when capturing details of household members.

What questions will be asked?

The 2019 Kenya census questionnaire that contains questions to be asked during the 2019 Census can be downloaded from www.knbs.or.ke.

However, the KNBS DG revealed that the census will capture agricultural activities, a component that was not captured in the 2009 census.

“In the previous census we did not collect information on agriculture but this year we have a whole module on agriculture,” Mwangi said.

Who will answer questions?

The census questions should be answered by the head of the household. Any other member who can provide the required data about the family can also answer the questions. Respondents should be able to give correct information about the household members or visitors in the house 24/25th August.

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Which languages will be used to ask the questions?

The questions will be available in Kiswahili and English languages. Fortunately, the enumerators will also be in a position to translate the questions to the local dialect. This will apply if an individual does not understand English or Kiswahili.

How do I know that the person at my door is from KNBS?

All the KNBS enumerators will be identified as follows:

  1. They will have identification documents provided by KNBS
  2. All enumerators will wear a branded reflector jacket with a KNBS logo
  3. The enumerators will be in the company of a village elder or a known resident who will introduce them to your household

What shows that a household has been counted?

Officials will write a number on the door or any visible place of the house after enumeration. This will be to indicate that counting has been conducted in the household. You should not erase the number until the census operation has been finalized.

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Will I be counted if I am in a hotel or in transit?

Irrespective of where you will be on the census night, you will be enumerated provided that you will be within the Kenyan borders. Five different questionnaires will be used during the enumeration process.

They include one main questionnaire and four short ones. The main questionnaire will be used to enumerate persons in conventional households.

The short questionnaires will be used to enumerate people who are in transit like airports, and bus stops. It will be used for those in institutions like schools, prisons, and hotels.

Will I be counted if I am out of the country on 24th/25th August?

NO! You will not be counted if you are out of the country on the night of 24/25th. This is because KNBS will be conducting a de facto census.

This means people will be counted depending on where they will be on the night of 24th August.  To put it into perspective, if you are in the country before midnight of 24th/25th August, you will be counted. Anyone who enters the country after the 24/25th August 2019 will not be enumerated.

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Will the general public get access to the results?

Preliminary results will be announced to the public after the first round of computation. However, the comprehensive results will be announced after 6 months.

Ones finalized, the census results will be available to the public through the KNBS website and through publications.

How to contact KNBS

In case of any irregularities or emergencies, you are the most reliable public watchdog. Reach out to KNBS via the following channels.

Telephone: +254-20-3317583 /3317612 /3317623 /3317622 /3317588 /3317586 /3317651

Hotline Numbers: 0701244533, 0735004401

Email: info@knbs.or.ke, directorgeneral@knbs.or.ke

Physical Office: Herufi House, Lt Tumbo Lane

Postal Address: Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, P.O. Box 30266–00100 GPO NAIROBI.


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