Kenyans are reaping big from Bold Cashers [Latest]

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is Bold Cashers Legit?

It is four years nows since Bold Cashers opened doors in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. This provided a new way for people in the East African region to make legit partial income effortlessly. As the word continues to spread throughout the region, Bold Cashers has become a cash-cow for many people who continue to mint money from this platform.


At the onset, I had my insecurities just like any other Kenyan who has been scammed online. Considering I was among the people who lost money to Publiclikes,  I had all the reasons to doubt my friend when he introduced me to Bold cashers.

Soon after He started to mint money from his referrals, it is then that I decided to hop into the moving train and make myself some partial income. At least that is what I thought to myself when I was getting started.

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Now the partial income has grown beyond what you would call partial income. And as a user of the App, I decided to do some spying before referring people because the last thing you want is to refer people to something that will sooner or later frisk them.How to join bold cashers and make money

Bold Cashers has all the qualities of a quality company and that I can say with certainty.

To help you understand where I am coming from I will compare Boldcashers to previous scams and that way you will see that there is no similarity between them.

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Is Bold Cashers Legit or a Scam?

Ever since I published the article on bold cashers on this blog, I have been getting tones of questions about it. You may have already guessed, the biggest worry most people have.

At the end of the day, one has to question whether it is legit or another scam. In this post, we only have one mission to accomplish. The mission is to establish if Boldcashers is legit, or is it a scam you should run away from.

In the recent past, Kenyans have been scammed by sites like public likes which left many people oozing.


Most people gave up on online opportunities and due to the fear of losing their hard-earned money, they miss other opportunities that are legit.

What I would tell you today is; do not cloud your judgment based on past experiences.

Bold Cashers has no similarity with most previous scams that we have seen. However, I understand that most of you want to be sure of the platform before you invest any money.

It is good to hold back but missing out on the whole opportunity, all the same, does no good.

I am a Bold Cashers subscriber and I have not had any regrets so far. Another thing, I do not refer people to shoddy deals.

I value my reputation and the same way, I hardly fall victim to online scams because I have previous experiences. So when I tell you Boldcashers is legit, I am telling you that with a lot of confidence.

How to tell if a business is a Scam

  • Usually, they are not registered
  • They do not have work permits and certificates
  • They do not solve any problem
  • Scams keep asking for a registration fee every month
  • Withdrawal of your money is limited to a certain day or Time

Why Bold Cashers is NOT a SCAM

  • It is a registered company👌
  • Bold Cashers is a licensed company🏙🏛
  • Withdrawals from Bold cashers can be made at any time or day💵💵💰
  • You can download Bold Cashers is an app that allows you to chat and at the same time to perform other things like money transfers. If you have heard about mKey and HF whizz the concept is similar.
  • Bold Cashers offers you generous commissions which should communicate value to you
  • Bold Cashers seeks to solve a genuine problem and at the same time help people to generate income
  • The registration fee is a onetime fee of KSH 1550.

Services offered by Bold Cashers

Bold Cashers is a very unique platform which provides the following services:

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Bill Payments and Mobile Money Funds Transfer

Bold Cashers allows you to pay bills with ease at discounted prices. Through Boldcashers, you can send money to any network (MTN or Airtel in Uganda and MPESA in Kenya) at very minimal fees.

Wallet to Wallet transfers are also availed for Bold Cashers Members

Cash Chat (Mobile APP).

Bold Cashers has been integrated into Cash Chat. You will be able to access your BC account on Cash Chat. Cash chat has the following features

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  • Messaging
  • Audio Sharing
  • Video sharing
  • Calling

Download Boldcashers app here

Affiliate Program

Get paid for bringing more affiliates to the Boldcashers affiliate program and also earn a handsome commission. You can withdraw any amount at any time.

Membership Savings.

Save and earn interest at every end of a financial year. The app acts as an online money wallet where you can save your money and earn interest on the principal.

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How do I Earn with Bold Cashers Kenya?

The subscription fee is a one-time payment of – KES 1550/-

  • 1st direct referral commission- KES 650/-
  • 2nd direct referral commission- KES 650/-
  • 3rd direct referral commission- KES 1150/-
  • 4th direct referral commission- KES 1150/-
  • 5th, 6th, 7th direct referral commission- KES 1150/-…….OnWards.
  • Indirect Income bonus, With Bold Cashers, You Will EARN INDIRECTLY when your THIRD downline Brings their First TWO referrals.
  • Indirect Income bonus is KES 450/- each. And the tree is endless……

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How to Pay Bold Cashers Subscription

To start making money with bold cashers, you have to deposit your subscription fee first. Use the following methods to pay for your subscription. Use this Sponsor ID if prompted 200060454.

Automatic payment method

  • You can pay directly from the platform by going to
  • Pay Subscription
  • Enter the mobile number the money will be billed from
  • A prompt will be sent to your phone
  • Enter your pin and you will be done
  • Use this Sponsor ID if prompted 200060454.

M-Pesa Pay Bill method

  • Pay using M-Pesa Paybill number
  • Go to M-Pesa menu
  • Select Lipa na M-Pesa
  • Choose paybill option
  • Enter paybill number: 218199
  • Account Number: BC
  • Enter amount 1550/=
  • Finish the payment process.
  • Use this Sponsor ID if prompted 200060454.

NOTE: If you pay using Paybill number, log in to your account and complete the following to activate your account

  1. Click here to verify your payment
  2. Enter your reference code 
  3. Click Submit

There you go! There is no excuse why you should not make money in 2019. I have given you a million-dollar idea that can transform your life if only you act. Start today by joining using this link. Use this Sponsor ID if prompted 200060454.


  1. Comment: i recently joined bold cashers but I’ve been having trouble sharing my link I’ve only managed to get 2 people so far. Anyone with some useful tips pleas help me

  2. How can one guide a client from Uganda on payment to activate account
    Bold Cashers Uganda Paybill and activation steps

    *Summary of how it works.👇👇*
    You create your account under your inviter first, then You need to activate your account with 1550 Ksh only.
    *How You get Paid👇 💰*
    When You bring.
    🔰1st person You earn 650 Ksh
    🔰2nd person You earn 650 Ksh
    🔰3rd person You earn 1150 Ksh from third person onwards You earn 1150 Ksh it’s infinity.
    When your downlines bring their 3rd person You earn 450 Ksh indirect referral.
    What I love about Boldcashers.
    📌NO monthly subscriptions
    📌Joining fee is affordable to everyone who have a Smartphone
    📌instant withdrawals
    📌it’s legit and it works both Rwanda Uganda and Kenya.
    Use this link👇

  4. I used to be recommended this website by means of my cousin. I am now not certain whether this put up is written through him as nobody else understand such specific about my problem.
    You are amazing! Thank you!


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