KFC delivery Kenya: How to order a delivery from KFC

KFC Delivery Kenya

KFC delivery Kenya allows you to order your favorite chicken from the comfort of your home and have your meal delivered to your doorstep. Kentucky Fried chicken popularly known as KFC is one of the best fast-food restaurants in the world.

Specializing in fried chicken recipes, KFC has won the hearts of many food lovers globally with their mouthwatering secret chicken recipes.

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In Kenya, KFC is a darling especially amongst young people who flock different KFC outlets to get a taste of the KFC goodness. Click on this link to see all the KFC recipes and offers.

KFC delivery via USSD

KFC delivery is facilitated by Jumia food and the USSD option *223#. You do not have to be connected to the internet in order to make a delivery request from KFC.

You can easily do so by dialing *223# on your phone to make a delivery request. This USSD option is quick, efficient and accessible to all people at any time.

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If you feel moody and lazy to get out of the house, there is no better way than to cheer your moods up with a tasty, sticky, delicious chicken from the experts.

KFC online Delivery

KFC delivery in Kenya

The most popular way to order from KFC is through their online platform in partnership with Jumia food.

The online platform has pictorial representations of the menu item. This helps you to get a visual image of what you are ordering for.

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Still, form the online platform, you will be in a position to see other offers and compare prices to get the most out of your budget. Simply visit the KFC online delivery platform and make your order today.

How to make a KFC delivery request

  • Visit their online platform
  • Enter your location to see the KFC restaurants near you
  • Choose a food item from the menus of the KFC restaurants near you. You can also search by restaurant name, cuisine type, and dish name.
  • Enter your exact delivery address, phone number and specify your payment method. Providing your phone number makes it easy for delivery persons to contact you and deliver the food to you specifically.
  • Complete your order and sit back as you wait for the delivery man at your doorstep.

Your order is taken to the kitchen for preparation after which it is forwarded to the Customer support team to facilitate delivery.

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If you have a voucher code, you can use it to pay for your food items after adding them to the basket. On the order overview page, you will see a field to enter the voucher code.

Can I cancel my order?

In case you want to reverse your decision all over sudden and decide to cancel your order, you should contact KFC as soon as possible to stop the preparation of the order.

Otherwise, you cannot cancel an order when the delivery man is already at your doorstep. Incas of refunds, for payments made online, the issue should be sorted out with Jumia food and not the restaurant that supplied the food.

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How long does it take to deliver an order?

This is a difficult question to answer because as you can imagine, days are not the same. There are times when the number of orders goes off the roof and there are times when orders are little.

Even so, delivery time varies from restaurant to restaurant. The distance between the restaurant and your address may also affect the delivery time in case of traffic.

Nevertheless, you can always check the estimated delivery time for the restaurants listed near you. Precise delivery time will be communicated to you by SMS when you place your order.

How can I pay for KFC Delivery?

KFC delivery is one of the few options that accept cash on delivery. If you do not have money on your mobile phone or can’t trace your bank cards, you can always pay your delivery by cash.

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Alternatively, you can pay for your order using other payments methods accepted by KFC which include:

Cash on Delivery

With this payment option, you are expected to pay the driver at the doorstep as you receive your order.

Pay by card

You can also opt to pay with your bank card. Enter your card details directly on the Checkout page and save the details for easy ordering next time.

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The order will be forwarded to the restaurant ones the payment has been confirmed.

Lipa Na Mpesa and mobile money

You can also pay for your KFC delivery using Lipa na Mpesa and other mobile money option.

You can do so on the checkout page when making your order or pay during delivery of your order at the doorstep.


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