LADIES!! How to Get a Curvy Dripping Shape!


Everybody has their own reasons for getting in shape but you will all agree with me that it feels good to be the center of attraction. Ladies while walking with your boyfriends you want to make them feel confident.

You don’t want him to keep staring at better-looking girls who have a better shape than you coz men are terrible at that. Having good looks boosts your self-confidence and your esteem levels.

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In this article, I am going to show you how you can achieve that curvy body and great looks you have always desired.

We are not going to talk about nerd stuff or things that are harmful to your health. The point here is to achieve your body goals and maintain a healthy body.

WHY you want to get in shape!

Let’s start here! Why do you want to get in shape?

I am sure you can pick one of the reasons from the list we have below. Regardless of what you want to achieve with your perfect body, this guide will help you get insights into how insta-models and celebrities achieve and maintain their curvy bodies.

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Here are some common reasons why you would like to get in shape:

  • Start dating again?
  • You want to look like a girl again after getting your newborn
  • Because you just want to look good naked
  • You want to have many followers on social media
  • You want to look good in public
  • Prove everybody wrong who said, “you can’t do it?”
  • Win a weight loss competition at work?

As a general rule of thumb, having a reason for wanting to do something motivates you each day towards that the results you set for yourself. You’ve got to have a reason!!

How to get in shape like a supermodel

There are very many methods that you can use to get in shape. Some will work and some will only achieve mere results.

In this article, I am going to review some products and exercises that are going to make your transformation effortless and worthwhile without affecting your health in any way.

Method 1: Take protein supplements

We all know that Proteins are the body’s building blocks responsible for muscle growth and tissue development. To stay in shape, you do not need to be fat. You need to have the right muscle where it is needed. For women, you need to have a big buttock and lean thighs.

The best Whey products


Most of us hardly consume enough proteins. That is why we fail to achieve a perfect body. If you would make a random check on Kenyan girls, you will realize that Luo girls because of eating lots of fish (proteins) are among the most admirable ladies when it comes to looks.

This is a perfect case study that you need lots of proteins for you to get in shape. I recommend Whey protein which is a supplement sold in supplement stores and online.

Whey protein is protein powder from meat, eggs, and milk in a pure form that is easily absorbed into your body. This supplement will not only transform your body but also improve your diet.

Method 2: Home exercises

Exercises play a vital role in your transformation journey. You should make sure to do at least 3 exercises for at least one hour every day to achieve your dream body.

Some of the most effective exercises for ladies include Squats, sit-ups, jogging and skipping rope.

The best Home workout equipment for you



Alternatively, you can buy some home work out equipment to target specific body parts such as a roller and tummy trimmer to trim your tummy or some dumbbells to enhance the intensity of your home workouts.

Method 3: Use enhancement products

Approved enhancement products work magic for most people cutting down the need for going to the gym or keeping up with regular workout routines.

While most shops may sell fakes, trusted outlets like sell products from established companies that have been tested and proven to be safe for use.

The products come with very clear instructions on how they should be used for best results. We highly discourage using injections and pills since most of them leave a trail of side effects.

These approved creams are however very safe for use and recommended for all ladies desiring a big butt

Some of the common products used by Kenyan women to achieve a big butt and a flat tummy include:

Natural Butt enhancement cream


Hip-Up cream


Try these methods and comment below to share your experience with fellow ladies. Thank me later!


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