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Boldcashers Pesamoni Kenya

Boldcashers Pesamoni has become the talk of the internet as more and more people continue to make insane amounts of money while still at home. I am going to give you a strategy that most of us have used over and over again to make more than 1 million with Boldcashers Pesamoni in less than 5 months. Give me your eyes and ears for the next few minutes.

Kenyans are Reaping Big From Bold Cashers

The purpose of this article is to give you a free strategy of how you will make 1 million shillings with Boldcashers Pesamoni. If you want to learn more about Boldcashers Pesamoni and what people are saying about it online, see my other article.

Read My detailed Article about Boldcashers

Being rich is a choice and finding it within you to take small risks is an inside job. Greater risks call for greater rewards but that is not the case here.

This has to be one of the smallest risks that have the greatest reward. Did you know that for only 1550/= you can transform your life forever and for good?

Mine is to give you the idea, yours is to make a choice of taking it or leaving it. Let me ask you. What can you do with 1550/=? Most folks cannot even account for how they blow such money. I mean, hiyo ni Mzinga moja.

Fun is great and I personally love my drink but this time I am going to buy you a bottle that will never run dry. The way I started off with Boldcashers was a joke for me because I am a very skeptical guy who loves to critique everything.

Here is my article on Boldcashers Scam Review. I wrote it 3 years ago and I have been updating it following the countless number of questions that I get on a daily basis

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Boldcashers Pesamoni Reality check

This day we are in the club with my boys and one of them volunteers to pay for all our drinks. I am sharing this with the permission of my friend and referrer. The guy is the stingy type but for ones we saw him volunteer to settle a bill of 10,000/=.

Being the human being that I am, I asked him whether he had won the jackpot or something but his response made me feel stupid for some reason.

It had been exactly one month since my friend had told me about Boldcashers but I hadn’t taken him seriously.

So my friend logs into his Boldcashers Pesamoni account and upon seeing the figures, my jaws dropped bottom low.  As if it were a joke, the guy had made Ksh. 150,000/= in just one month with Boldcashers.

From that moment I knew I needed to join him and make myself some cash on the side. It is three years now since I joined and it keeps getting better.


Now I would hate to benefit from the platform alone while I was also introduced by someone with a big heart.

The least I can do is share my experience with you guys and hopefully, those of you that have the drive and the will to make money will have something to thank me for one time.

How to make your fasted Million with Boldcashers

Becoming a millionaire has never been made this easy,  guys. Trust me I have tried my hand on different virtual and online businesses but the model adopted by Boldcashers is one that can make you insane wealth in a very short time.

Boldcashers Pesamoni
Payment Proof. Pesamoni pays via Mpesa

Most of you guys spend a lifetime on social media not knowing that you can make social media a source of income.

It is all about strategy. If you joined Boldcashers Pesamoni today and activated your account with the one-time fee of 1550/=, all you will need is 500-1000 clicks on your link to make yourself a cool 1 million.

NB! you have to activate your account before sharing your link.

According to my estimates and calculations, It should not take you more than 5 months on social media to ensure that your link rotates and reaches 1000 people.


5 months translates to 150 days. If you made it your daily goal to engage at least 20 people on Facebook and sharing your link with them, it means that by the end of the 5 months, you will have shared your link with 3000 people.

Assuming half of the people (1500 people) clicked on the link, you would have earned (1500 X 1150/=)= 1,725,000/=.

Tell me where on earth you have come across such an effortless way to make money that quickly by just sharing your activated link on social media or with friends.

How much do you earn per Action?

Boldcashers Pesamoni is a cash-per-action [CPA] platform where you are paid for every lead you bring on board. Here is a breakdown of how much you earn with Boldcashers Pesamoni.

The subscription fee is a one-time payment of – KES 1550/-. You will never have to pay anything else forever.


Think about. Even if it was a risk, what is 1550/- to risk ones in your lifetime? You will never pay any other fee. Never! No monthly subscriptions and no other fees forever. Ones you pay the 1550/=, that is it! You become a member forever.

1st direct referral commission- KES 650/-

2nd direct referral commission- KES 650/-

3rd direct referral commission- KES 1150/-

4th direct referral commission- KES 1150/-

5th, 6th, 7th direct referral commission- KES 1150/-…….OnWards.

Indirect Income bonus, With Bold Cashers, You Will EARN INDIRECTLY when your THIRD downline Brings their First TWO referrals.

Indirect Income bonus is KES 450/- each. And the tree is endless……

Watch How we have made 1 million from Boldcashers Pesamoni.

To learn more about Boldcashers Pesamoni, Feel free to read my Detailed article about the platform. If you are ready to join, just click on this link to Join Boldcashers.


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