MKU student portal | Fee structure and how to access MKU portal

MKU student portal

MKU student portal from Mount Kenya University is one of the best student portals that facilitate access to crucial services and information. MKU has facilitated thousands of Kenyans who do not qualify for a slot in public institutions.

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Just like its motto suggests, “unlocking infinite potential” the university has outdone itself in providing world-class standards of education.

Through the MKU student portal, you get access to all campus services and information. We are going to show you how to access the MKU student portal in this article and how to create an account.

What is the MKU student portal?

Mount Kenya University popularly known as MKU is the leading private university in Kenya with a student population of over 50,000 students.

The varsity has over 9 satellite campuses spread across the country offering degree, diploma and certificate courses in 11 faculties. Mount Kenya University main campus is located in Thika town in Kiambu County.

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MKU student portal is an online platform created by the university to enhance service delivery and consolidation of student information.

How to create an account one MKU student portal

Compared to other portals that I have managed to interact with, MKU student portal is probably the simplest and easiest to use.

MKU student portal

The university uses an easy to use interface for all students or any person who accesses the portal.

Even if you have never visited any portal there before, trust me you will find the MKU portal very easy to use. Below is a step by step process of how to access the MKU portal and open an account.

  • Open MKU website here
  • Click on the Student Menu
  • Select student portal
  • You will be redirected to MKU portal page
  • At the center of the page, you will see student log in
  • Log in to the portal using your admission number and your password

NOTE: You can also generate your LETTER OF OFFER by inputting your application reference number. You, therefore, do not have to visit the main campus to get your letter of offer.

Other services from MKU student portal

MKU student portal is very student-oriented and it focuses on making the student experience worthwhile. I have outlined the services which you can access via the MKU student portal.

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Updating student information

Student information should be updated regularly to capture all the aspects of the student’s stay in the campus.

Unfortunately, most universities, have very shallow information about their students and the activities they per took while schooling.

The MKU portal allows students to update social data from their end, unlike other university portals which can only be updated from the ICT department.

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Fees statement

All aspects of fee payments and course registration are managed under the MKU student portal. The university avails an updated fee statement to all students through the portal. Students can access all the M-Pesa payments and fee balances on the student portal.

Timetable and course registration

Every semester, students get an updated class timetable which will be used. The timetable is available on the portal hence students can manage their time easily and program their day by referring to the timetable via their mobile phone.

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Students can also register for the units they wish to take via the student portal. Special requests can also be made from the portal and get system response.

Hostel booking via MKU student portal

Students admitted to MKU who wish to book for accommodation should do so via the student portal. Online booking for university hostels is done on a first-come-first-served basis.

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You should, therefore, book for accommodation as soon as the booking window opens. Hostel accommodation is relatively cheap compared to private rentals near the campus.

MKU campuses in Kenya

MKU is an ISO certified campus which is also the only private university that is allowed to teach pharmaceutical technology. Here is a list of all MKU campus branches in Kenya:

  • Nairobi Campus located at MKU towers
  • Parklands Law Campus
  • Nkubu/Meru campus at Majani towers
  • Eldoret campus
  • Mombasa campus located at MKU towers Nkrumah road
  • Kakamega campus
  • Kisii campus
  • Nakuru campus located at Great Rift plaza
  • Odel center at Nyeri

MKU fee structure

Have you been invited to school at any MKU campus in Kenya? If so, make sure you take a look at this FEE STRUCTURE.

It details all the courses offered at Mount Kenya University as of 2019. We have also highlighted the qualifications for pursuing various courses in the university.

How to Contact Mount Kenya University

You can contact MKU using the following contact information for any queries or complaints.

  • P.O. Box 342-01000, Thika, Kenya
  • Tel:+254 672 820 000 / 0709 153 000
  • Complaints: 0709 153 200

MKU student portal is a time-saving platform that helps students, lecturers, and administrators to avoid repetitive administrative work.

With such platforms, students are able to track their progress in School by checking their results online, registering for courses and many other services.

MKU student portal is a testimony of how IT has transformed service delivery and data consolidation in institutions of higher learning.


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