10 most ignored road signs in Kenya: Campaign for safer roads

most ignored road signs in Kenya

This article highlights the most ignored road signs in Kenya by our drivers.  Road accidents on Kenyan roads have become a saddening trend that has claimed the lives of many. There are many causes of accidents on our roads which include;

  • Drunk driving
  • Overspeeding
  • Using faulty vehicles
  • Failure to observe caution on the roads
  • Poor defensive driving

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Today our main focus will be the failure to observe caution on the roads.

KENHA and NTSA have always urged drivers to practice caution and observe traffic signs on the road.

By doing so, many of the road accidents that happen could be avoided.

What is defensive driving skills

This is a very wide topic which generally equips the driver with driving skills that help them avoid accidents.

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Defensive driving entails things like taking into account the following things:

  • Speed and weight of their vehicles
  • The driving habits of other drivers around you
  • Traffic road signs
  • Braking estimation

learning defensive driving helps the driver to remain in control even in the worst of conditions.

It also helps a driver to be patient with other drivers, manage his anger and keep up with poor road designs.

Major Kenyan highways are labels with road signs that most people do not obey.

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Most accidents in black spots happen because people fail to pay attention to road signs around that area.

Lack of attention may be caused by exhaustion, lack of sleep, drug abuse or total lack of interest when driving.

In the wake of increased road accidents, we have prepared a list of most ignored road signs in Kenya. This is supposed to create awareness on the roads and reduce the number of road accidents.

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Road signs carry very important information that should not be assumed. In the motoring world, they are lifesavers.

They create order on the roads by warning drivers, pedestrians and other road users. They should inform the decision that a driver makes when driving.

Road Safety tips

Knowing road signs will not only make you a better motorist but will also ensure you stay safe on the roads.

For a majority of us, the last time we took time to study the signs was when we were preparing to take the driving test.

As a consequence, you find that many have forgotten what the various signs indicate.

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All road signs that are enclosed in a circular frame are called prohibitive road signs. These types of road signs require mandatory adherence else there will be consequences.

On the other hand, all road signs enclosed in a triangular frame are called warning road signs and they warn motorists of what lies ahead.

list of most ignored road signs in Kenya

most ignored road signs in Kenya
ignored road signs in Kenya
No u-turn
ignored road signs in Kenya
priority for oncoming traffic
ignored road signs in Kenya
no parking or waiting
ignored road signs in Kenya
no entry for moorized vehicles
end of all prohibitions

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