Mpower app download & KPLC Self-service app

Mpower app KPLC

The KPLC Mpower app is a cutting edge mobile application allowing you to complete various functions and get access to a bucket list of services.

Although the KPLC Mpower app is relatively new in the market, most people have not heard about this revolutionary app.

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Mpower has been developed with the interest of Kenyans at heart to make it a one-stop-shop for all KPLC services.

The app seeks to digitize most processes and avail information to the public about KPLC operations and services.

The app even allows Kenyans to access reports on scheduled power outages so that they can streamline their operations to compensate for the outages.

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With the app, business owners can see scheduled power interruptions in their area and make informed decisions.

You can also make prepaid meter inquiries via the app hence eliminating unnecessary visits to KPLC offices. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store here.

Services you get from the Mpower app

Here are some of the Key services that Kenyans will get from the KPLC app. Make sure you download the app for the convenience it brings along. The Key features include:

Postpaid services from Mpower app

  • Bill balance request
  • E-bill registration
  • Submission of meter readings
  • Billing complaints & suggestions

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Prepaid services from Mpower app

  • Prepaid token purchase
  • Last token inquiry
  • Prepaid meter complaints & suggestions

Power quality reports

  • Power failure reporting
  • Outage maps
  • Scheduled power interruptions
  • Other power quality complaints and suggestions
  • Kenya Power employee authentication with Jua for sure

The Mpower app provides an easy power management solution to all KPLC customers. Both postpaid and prepaid customers can access customized services that enhance their experience with KPLC.

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Postpaid customers, for example, will be able to receive automated E-bills every month making it easy for them to track their KPLC account performance.

Prepaid customers, on the other hand, will be able to purchase instant tokens using the KPLC Mpower app.


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