New way to pay Nairobi Parking fees and other bills

How to Pay For Parking in Nairobi Using Mobile Phone

Nairobi Parking payment method

Kenyans should use the new *235# way to pay Nairobi Parking fees and other bills. Nairobi county created an alternative way to collect payments from Kenyans seeking county services.

This came following an ugly and noisy divorce between Nairobi county and Jambopay.

One of the most sought after service is parking within Nairobi which also happens to be one of the major sources of revenue for the county.

The new way to pay for Nairobi Parking fees and other bills is through the *235# USSD code.

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This comes after Jambopay’s contract was revoked by City Hall even after helping the county to collect money since 2014 through their ejijipay system which was accessible via *217#.

The *217# code is no longer valid and should not be used to pay any service to Nairobi county.

Although there were some technical hitches while the new mobile payment option was rolled out, significant progress has been made and the *235# USSD code seems to be doing just fine.

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How to Pay For Nairobi Parking Using Mobile Phone

The new way to pay Nairobi Parking fees and other county bills is quite similar to the previous ejijipay method since they are all mobile payment options using the USSD protocol.

pay Nairobi Parking fees
Vehicles clamped in Nairobi for failing to pay parking fees

However, the new *235# USSD code method specifies on collecting County revenues and bills only.

This is a simple guide of how to pay for Nairobi parking fees using the new *235# USSD code.

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  • Dial *235#: The Nairobi City County e-payment menu with five options will appear
  • Select 1 for parking:  This option gives you an option to pay for daily parking, seasonal parking, off-street parking or penalties.
  • Select 1 for Daily parking or 2 for seasonal
  • Enter your Vehicle Registration Number
  • Select the parking zone i.e. CBD, Yaya, Westlands, etc
  • Select vehicle type: bus, canter lorry, private, taxi, etc.
  • Complete the payment of the specified amount depending on the vehicle type

Old Nairobi parking payment method

Since 2014, payments have been made to Nairobi County through a subcontractor called Jambopay which operates the ejijipay platform.

People have therefore been paying for parking through ejijipay’s USSD code *217#.

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However, the method became obsolete since 8th June 2019 after the contract between Nairobi County and Jambopay expired.

The county resolved the issue by creating its own e-payment platform accessed through *235#.

Nairobi County Internal digital payment system

According to Nairobi County, the new *235# internal e-payments system is more airtight and convenient for Kenyans.

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Since the county is not subcontracting a third-party company to collect revenues for them.

It is expected that the county will also save some money since no fees are being paid for collection services offered by other companies previously.

The e-payment system is very convenient for both the County government and the people seeking their services.

In the case of parking payment, for example, drivers do not have to sit in their cars and wait until when a county officer will come to issue them with a physical receipt.

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How the new system works

With the system, all you have to do is pay for your parking space using your phone and proceed to other commitments.

The system is both time-saving and easy to use thus giving drivers the much-needed peace of mind.

Ones you have paid for your parking, the parking attendants during their routine check will confirm whether the space has been paid for.

Since no cash exchanges hands, the system enhances revenue accountability and prevents losses.

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This applies to other services within the county including rent payment, business permits land rates and, other services.

The new internal digital payment system has seen parking fees revised to Ksh 200 making the spaces affordable for most Kenyans.

With the guidance we have given you, your car can only be clamped in town out of your own free will.


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