NHIF paybill number for paying contributions via Mpesa [updated]

NHIF paybill

Self-employed and employed contributors can make their payments via the NHIF paybill option as explained here. The National Hospital Insurance Fund [NHIF] is a government parastatal under the Ministry of health which was established in 1966.

NHIF gives Kenyans affordable health insurance cover enabling them to get quality treatment at affordable rates.

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Although NHIF is yet to achieve universal coverage, it has achieved measurable growth. To register for NHIF Supa cover and NHIF Linda mama cover, read my details articles on NHIF registration.

In this article, we are going discuss how to pay your NHIF subscription via NHIF paybill option, Payment deadlines and how to pay penalties.

What is NHIF paybill?

NHIF paybill is one of the most convenient payment options for making your monthly contributions to NHIF.

Whether we like it or not, our country is slowly but surely turning digital! Today more than 70% of government services can be accessed online.

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Self-employed and voluntary NHIF contributors can make their monthly contributions via the NHIF paybill number easily.

Mpesa paybill is a very innovative mobile money transfer technology that has facilitated the payment of goods and services in Kenya.

NHIF paybill

NHIF contributions via Mpesa can be done in a very short time compared to other modes of payment.

NHIF contributions should be made by 9th of every month. Failure to pay your contributions by 9th of each month attracts penalties.

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NHIF penalties for late payments

NHIF as a parastatal operates under determined terms and guidelines which ensure that the parastatal does not collapse. The Health fund ensures that people get much-needed health coverage hassle-free.

Inconsistencies in paying your NHIF contributions lead to problems while processing your hospital bills. It is paramount to make timely and consistent payments to remain in the good books of NHIF.

Since NHIF acknowledges that you may fail to pay your monthly contributions for reasons beyond you, the penalties are applied differently on voluntary and formal contributors.

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People in the formal sector pay a penalty equivalent to their monthly contributions. For example, if your monthly contribution is 1000/= you will pay a penalty of 1000/= totaling to 2000/=.

Self-sponsored or people in the informal sector will pay a penalty of 50% if they are late on paying their monthly contributions.

This means that if your contribution is Ksh.500, your late payment penalty will be Ksh. 250 totaling to Ksh.750.

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How to pay via NHIF Paybill Number

If you are employed, you do not have to worry about making your contributions since your employer should be making the deposits directly.

However, if you are a voluntary contributor, or self-employed, here is a step by step guide on how to pay your contributions via NHIF paybill number.

Monthly contributions for self-employed contributors’ stands at Ksh.500 per month but the amount can be revised up or down.

  • Go to Mpesa menu on your phone
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Paybill option [Enter NHIF paybill number 200222]
  • Account number [Enter your National ID number as the account number]
  • Amount [Enter Ksh500 as your monthly contribution]
  • Enter your Mpesa pin
  • Confirm and complete the transaction

You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-Pesa after successful submission.

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How to Pay NHIF Penalty via M-Pesa Paybill

As mentioned earlier, failure to pay your monthly contributions attracts a penalty of Ksh. 250.

This is only applicable to self-employed NHIF members. To pay your NHIF penalty via Mpesa, follow the following procedure:

  • Go to your Mpesa menu
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Paybill option [Enter NHIF paybill number 200222]
  • Account number [Enter your National ID number and add the letter “Y” at the end. Example; ‘32453671Y’
  • Amount [Enter the penalty amount which is equivalent of Ksh.250]
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN
  • Confirm and complete the transaction

Wait for the confirmation message from Mpesa and NHIF confirming that the transaction was successful.

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NHIF Mpesa transaction charges

The Transaction Charges for NHIF are as Follows:

Min. Amount (Ksh) Max. Amount (Ksh) Charge (Ksh)
10 49 3
50 99 5
10 499 22
500 999 22
1,000 1,499 22
1,500 2,499 22
2,500 3,499 33
3,500 4,999 33
5,000 7,499 33
7,500 9,999 33
10,000 14,999 33
15,000 19,999 33
20,000 24,999 33
25,000 29,999 33
30,000 34,999 33
35,000 39,999 44
40,000 44,999 44
45,000 49,999 44
50,000 70,000 55

How to check your NHIF account status

Stay updated with the current status of your NHIF account, you can query your account via SMS or through the online portal

How to check NHIF status via SMS

This is by far the easiest way to query your account status. Below is the simple process of how to go about it.

  • Open a new message
  • Type the letters “ID,” space, then “your ID number” (or passport number if applicable) e.g. ID 12345678
  • Send to 21101
  • SMS charges are Ksh.10 for every message sent
  • It is advisable to send the SMS during working hours

You will get a reply with the following information about your account

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  • Your member number
  • Contributor’s ID number
  • Your year of birth
  • Your last contribution and your
  • Dependants of your account

How to check NHIF account status online via the web

You can also check your status online by following these simple steps

  • Visit the NHIF official website: www.nhif.or.ke
  • Sign up or log in to the self-service portal
  • Register first if you are visiting the website for the first time
  • Registration requirements include; your NHIF card numbers, a valid email address, and a working phone number. Provide any personal information you may be required to provide.
  • Upon successful registration, go to the self-service portal under the NHIF account status option
  • Check your Account status and log out to protect your personal information.

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NHIF Operative principles

NHIF is governed by a set of operative principles that the parastatal hopes will help them attain universal health coverage in Kenya.

Here are the operative principles that guide NHIF in their daily operations.

Accountability | NHIF remains responsible and accountable for any action that affects health coverage among Kenyan contributors.

Honesty | NHIF expects its staff to be honest in their daily operations and parastatal endeavors. Their duties should be executed in good faith and in the interest of the Kenyans.

Commitment | NHIF is dedicated to pulling together positive energy that is inherent in everyone with the aim of achieving universal health coverage.

Professionalism | Professionalism, in this case, requires all stakeholders and members of staff to showcase objectivity, impartiality, competence, and ethics in their daily operations within NHIF.

Integrity | NHIF expects both corporate and individual integrity from its employees in order to uphold diligence at work. Integrity builds hard work and trust in the population. As such integrity should be practiced in all operations.

NHIF Frequently asked questions

Question: What is the NHIF Paybill number?

Answer: The NHIF Paybill number or Business Number is 200222. The individual will then use the national identification number (ID No.) as the account number.

Question: Is it possible for a person to pay NHIF by using another phone number which is not his or hers?

Answer: Yes, you can pay with any phone number. This is because the only important thing is the ID No or National Identity Card Number that you will enter. Make sure you enter the correct ID number.

Question: Regarding payment through Mpesa, supposing there was a delay, will it be automatically updated or you have to visit their office?

Answer: In most cases, the payment will update automatically once the systems are okay. The best thing is to check your account status to see if your payment has reflected. If it takes time to reflect, you can always visit or contact the NHIF office for help.

Question: How can a member add a dependant to the NHIF fund?

Answer: The best way of adding a dependant is to visit any NHIF office. There is a form you will fill with details of the dependant. If it is a child, you will require a birth certificate and for the spouse a marriage certificate and of course passport size photos.


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