NTSA App Download: Guide to the self-service NTSA Mobile App

NTSA application self service

The NTSA Application is a mobile application developed by the National Transport and Safety Authority to enhance service delivery to all drivers and vehicle owners in Kenya. The App has significantly improved the access to services offered by NTSA.

Some of the crucial services that you can access from the app include; checking the status of your driving license, vehicle search, and road updates.

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Most of the road updated provided by the app go a long way in ensuring that the drivers maintain road safety at all times.

As a driver or a car owner, you can download the NTSA application from play store on your smartphone and experience the convenience it comes with firsthand.

With the NTSA application, you do not have to make routine visits to the NTSA offices in search of basic services.

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Most of the services that you will get in an NTSA office are also available through the App thus giving you peace of mind and saving your time.

Unfortunately for iPhone users, the available version of the app is for android devices only.

How to Download NTSA Application

Very few people in Kenya can afford an iPhone and even so, the iPhone brand isn’t as popular as the android counterparts. Download the NTSA app Here.

Popular brands in Kenya like Tecno, Samsung, Huawei, Infinix, and you name it all use the Android operating system.

This explains why most companies create apps for Android only.

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Downloading the NTSA self-service app is very straight forward. It is the same as downloading any other app from the Google Play Store.

Allow your background data.  For the purpose of this download, you will be required to allow your background data to run since most Android services will only function if background data is allowed.

Go to Google Play Store. Ones you have opened your bundles and allowed background data, open Google Play Store which is on your phone already.

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Search for the NTSA self-service app. On the search bar at the top of the screen, type NTSA self-service App and results will appear. Tap on the official NTSA application icon and click install.

After clicking install, the app with ask for permissions to access data in your phone. Allow the app to access all the required information.

You will also be expected to accept the terms and conditions of the app.

How to Use the NTSA App

  • The NTSA mobile app is a little different from what the apps that we use on a regular basis but it is by no means complicated to use. This is a simple guide of how you should use the app.
  • Open the app
  • You will be required to enter your mobile number. It is important to ensure that your SIM card is active as you will receive an SMS prompt before you proceed.
  • Enter your email address
  • The next step is generating your pin. Safaricom will send you a one-time pin via SMS which you should never reveal to anyone for security reasons.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the App and finish.
  • You will be directed to the dashboard of the app where you have access to various services offered by the NTSA Application.

Services available through the NTSA Application

This revolutionary app allows Kenyans to get a pool of services from the comfort of their home without having to visit any NTSA office. Some of the services that are available via the app include:

  • License status and road service
  • Status of your PSV license
  • Inspection status of your car
  • Night Travel license status
  • Status of the Sacco license
  • Driving license status checker

Most crucial government services have been digitized. You can now become a roadmaster with the NTSA application. Avoid tons of paperwork and frustrating queues in NTSA offices.


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