Online HELB loan application guide on HELB portal (2019-2020)

HELB loan application online

HELB loan application is a straightforward process but it can be confusing for first-timers. We are going to guide through a step by step HELB loan application process and requirements for HELB loan application.

HELB loans have helped hundred so thousands of Kenyan students to complete their higher education by paying for their tuition fees.

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HELB loan application through their online portal is a straightforward process but for beginners who are not familiar with the portal, it may be confusing. Stick around as I walk you step by step on how to apply for HELB loans online.

In this article, we will focus on how to register online, how to log in and how to apply for the HELB loan from the portal. Let’s get started right away!

How to apply for HELB loan on HELB Online Portal

Every year freshmen flood Kenyan universities and colleges in thousands to pursue different courses. While some students come from families that can afford the school fees, a good number of the students cannot afford the cost of higher education.

As such, the HELB helps such students by financing their university education through an education loan. HELB is still the leading financier for higher education in Kenya.

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HELB is mandated to disburse bursaries, loans, and scholarships to students qualified to pursue higher education in recognized institutions. The process of HELB loan application starts with creating an account with HELB so let us create an account for you.

How to create a HELB account

HELB loan application online

All services offered by HELB can be managed using the HELB online portal. However, you should first open an account with the HELB portal. These are the steps that you should follow to get started:

  • Go to the HELB Portal website
  • Click on the Applicants Account Section
  • Fill the Form conclusively with true information
  • Click the Sign-Up Button
  • Congratulations, you have created an account with the HELB Portal
  • Check your email address to activate your account
  • Login to your email address and click on HELB Portal Activation link
  • Log in with the credentials you provided
  • Update Personal and Residence details, and Click Save Button
  • Choose the appropriate loan product to apply under the Loans Tab
  • Download and print two copies of your filled loan application form
  • Have them signed and stamped by the relevant authority and guarantors (for first-time applicants only and by your dean at the University for subsequent applicants)
  • If asked to create a new account, repeat the steps above.
  • You can change details about your County, Constituency or Employment status. Click the Biodata Tab, under personal details, click next, then change your Country/Constituency/Employment status and save
  • Now you can apply for a loan from your County/Constituency

HELB loan products – Non-Salaried Applicants

The following are some of the services and products that are offered by HELB in Kenya:

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  • Undergraduate First Time Applicants
  • TVET for Tertiary Institutions
  • Undergrad Second and Subsequent
  • Afya Elimu Fund (AEF) Subsequent Loan Application.
  • Undergrad Loan Review/Appeals
  • First Time and Subsequent Afya Elimu Fund Preservice
  • Visa Oshwal Scholarship

HELB Loan Products: Salaried Applicants

  • Postgraduate Scholarship
  • KRA Staff Loan Application Form
  • Alternative Loans for Undergrad, Salaried Applicants
  • Training Revolving Fund (TRF) for Civil Servants
  • Alternative Loans for Postgrad, Salaried Applicants

Requirements for HELB Loan Application

Before you apply for a HELB loan, make sure you see this checklist of the things you should have to qualify for a HELB loan.

Copy of your Original ID card: The higher education loans board uses your ID to identify you as a borrower. Your details have to consistent with the details provided when applying for a HELB account.

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You should have a valid bank account with any of the following banks. All loans from HELB will be sent to your bank account before the start of every semester. You must have an account with either of the following banks:

  • Kenya Commercial Bank
  • National Bank of Kenya
  • Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Post Bank)
  • Cooperative Bank of Kenya
  • Equity Bank

You must have a KRA Pin. The Pin helps HELB to track their beneficiaries hence it is an important document one must-have.

Parent’s or Guardian’s details: The details should include full names of your parent(s) a copy of their ID, marital status, source of income, level of education, current payslip, employee details and employee No. If employed.  If your parent is dead, be sure to provide your parent death certificate.

Attach a copy of your college admission letter

Three guarantors who are already employed (You should have a copy of their ID)

Three currently taken passport photos

KCSE and KCPE results slip at hand

Online services are available on the Portal, Loan Status, Loan Repayment History, loan Statement.

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HELB loan Application Tips

All HELB communications are sent to your personal email address so make sure your email address is accessible.

Make sure your ID number and details are correct before you submit your application.

All available loan products shall be displayed on the website when you complete your registration. Choose the specific loan product you wish to apply for.

If you do not rightly indicate your employment status (employed/unemployed) you will not be able to view loan products specific to either group.

Indicate your county and constituency of origin correctly else you will not be able to view the specific loan for your county or constituency in the list of loan products.

To correct your details of county/constituency /employment status, kindly click to apply on the undergraduate application, go to personal details, correct your county/constituency/employment status and save.

How to Check HELB Loan status

After you have applied for a loan, you can check the status of the loan using the following processes.

You can check HELB Status in 2 ways:

Option: Check HELB Loan status

  • Go to
  • Click on loan status
  • You will be directed to your HELB portal (You must have registered with HELB portal)
  • Click on Loan Reports
  • Go to the drop-down menu indicating disbursement and statement
  • Click on disbursement and a form will appear
  • The form indicates your loan disbursement status

Second Option: Check HELB Loan status

Upon approval by HELB, your loan will be sent to the bank. You can, therefore, check with your bank to see the status of your HELB loan.

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It has been noted that some banks disburse HELB loans faster compared to others. Family bank, Postbank, Equity bank and National bank dispense the loans faster.

National Bank Students can also use their HELB smart cards to check their loan status. The smart card is divided into three parts; tuition, upkeep, and general use. You cannot withdraw money that is available in the tuition part.

Postgraduates HELB loan Application

HELB grants loans to postgraduates as well.  Postgraduate HELB loans attract an interest of 4% p.a.

Students are required to repay the loan on completion of their studies. HELB provides a 1 year grace period after graduation before one can start repaying the loan.

Through the HELB portal, you can also track the progress on your HELB loan repayment. Under the Online services, click on clearance certificate and download the PDF to see your progress. You can also check your HELB status via SMS.

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For those checking their HELB status by SMS they are required to create a new message with a keyword corresponding with the matching query followed by hash (#), then the ID number and finally send the message to 5122.

Example: To inquire about their undergraduate loan balance will type ‘BALUG’ followed by the ID number, that is BALUD#IDNo then send it as a text message to 5122.

NOTE: You must register with the SMS line first in order to get feedback. You can only get feedback if your number is registered with the HELB database. To register your number via SMS, send REGISTER#IDNo to 5122 using the phone number you want to register.

What to do when your HELB Loan Application is rejected

HELB loan application should not be a matter of life and death but most people take it that way. Some students even fear to appeal against the amounts they are given even when they feel they have been oppressed.

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If your loan has been underfunded, you should appeal in time so that your allocation can be reconsidered in time.

Remember you should be prepared to give sufficient and tangible evidence as to why you want your allocation increased.

If you are in a capacity to wait, you can reject the offer given to you if the amount allocated is not enough. Try to reapply the following academic year and pledge for a higher loan.

Finally, if other students in the same academic year get the loan and you miss, visit HELB offices located at 18th floor in Anniversary Towers and make an inquiry.


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