Qatar Jobs: Tips on How to get a well-paying job in Qatar

Qatar Jobs

In countries like Kenya where jobs are hard to come by, people have been shifting their focus to Qatar jobs and vacancies in the Gulf. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the Middle East mainly due to the export of petroleum products.

The country realized tremendous growth after discovering oil and gas reserves. Qatar is a strategic country that has put emphasis on infrastructure and lying down of well-thought-out economic strategies.

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The Qatari government’s efforts in supporting other initiatives other than oil and gas have created career prospects from citizens and foreigners in Qatar.

The government has been reducing its dependence on oil and gas and putting more emphasis on other sectors such as:

  • hospitality
  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • real estate
  • Technology

All these sectors demand human resources which Qatar cannot sustain. As such, foreigners have been flocking in the job sufficient country to get a share of Qatar’s success.

Qatar is also one of the most peaceful and welcoming countries in the Middle East according to the global peace index.

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How to get well-paying Qatar Jobs

There are various ways of searching for a job in Qatar that you can use as a foreigner.

In this article, we are going to evaluate some of the best Qatar job search engines, classifieds, and agencies.

Be my guest as we explore ways you can land a Qatar job as a foreigner.

Qatar Jobs

I think it is also important to mention that I have a couple of childhood friends who got jobs in Qatar so I am going to share how they managed to do that.

Job websites and Search engines

Qatar jobs are not easy to come by but ones you know the right ways to apply for one, you will definitely be among those that qualify to work in Qatar.

Our first look on how to qualify Qatar jobs is through job websites and search engines that list available jobs in Qatar.

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We have selected the best websites for you with legitimate job offers and you will also get a response from them.

The first step to getting a job in Qatar is to establish communication with people who understand the dynamics and job industry in Qatar.

These websites are leaders in that class so give them a try and establish communication with them.

Monster Gulf: One of the most renowned websites with Qatari job listing is Monster Gulf since it has been operational ever since the internet became popular. Check out their Qatar jobs listing and apply for the job that suits you best. They will get back to you and you can establish connections with them.

Gulf Talent: This website is a good place to kick off your search for job opportunities in the Middle East including Qatar.

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Career Jet: If you have tried to look for a job in the Middle East, I am sure you have come across this magnificent website that has job listings for Qatar and other countries in the Middle East.

Indeed jobs: Indeed is a giant when it comes to online job searches. It is an American company but they have a Qatar version where you can go through the job listings and apply.

Learn4Good: This is another spectacular website that provides job listings in Qatar based on levels of qualification.

Qatar Jobs

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Naukri Gulf: our final listing is Naukri Gulf which is a renowned website with an array of job listings from Qatar and other countries in the Middle East.

Agents and job Agencies

Applying for Qatar jobs via the internet most of the time does not qualify you for a job. The most popular way people have landed jobs in Qatar and the Middle East is through agents and job agencies.

As a matter of fact, all my friends who are working in Qatar today have gone there through the help of agents.

There have been several cases of agents who con people and fail to deliver their Qatari promise.

The first step in searching for a job in Qatar, therefore, is to use the services of a renowned agent or agency.

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If you have a friend in Qatar or the Middle East, ask them to connect you with the agent who facilitated them.

Referral is the best way to get the right agent if you are looking for Qatar jobs.

It is easy to find agents in Kenya so we will help you with the hard part which is looking for the best agents in Qatar.

Recruitment Agencies for Qatar

NB: These agents specialize in certain job fields so select them based on your qualifications. Agencies also ask for a service fee which is often too high.

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If your agent is a trusted organization or person, be sure to pay the money but if you are not sure about the agent, be careful when effecting any payment.

Agencies in Doha specialize in a particular field, such as computers, engineering, nursing, accounting, catering, or construction.

There are also “Headhunting” agencies that are hired by large companies to recruit executives, managers or professionals.

Some of the most trusted agents in Qatar include the following.

Most popular Qatar jobs

Some of the most popular Qatar jobs include;

  • Teaching English
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Hospitality
  • Service industry

All the websites I have listed below have a huge listing for jobs in the mentioned sectors.

Be sure to check them out and apply if you are looking for a job in Qatar or the Middle East.

ESL Employment: This website doesn’t have the most beautiful interface, but who needs a pretty website when there are so many English teaching jobs to choose from.

Total ESL: Total ESL has an overly busy interface but it has a wealth of job postings for teaching jobs abroad.

Tesall: This website is a big teaching jobs aggregator compared to other job websites

Foreigner Job Portals in Qatar

Search for jobs in Qatar has been made easier by these expert job portals that provide job opportunities for foreigners in Qatar.

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eFinancialCareers: This is one of the best search engines for finance jobs on the web. They are limited for Qatar though.

Michael Page: Michael Page is an international executive recruitment website that is targeted towards high-end job seekers.

Linkedin: Last but not least, many people overlook the potential of this huge professional social network. If leveraged well, it is a resource for building contacts in the field and location of your interest.


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