How to get a loan from Safaricom Fuliza to your M-Pesa

Safaricom Fuliza

Safaricom Fuliza is an overdraft loan facility provided by Safaricom in partnership with the Commercial Bank of Africa. This loan facility was designed to help Safaricom M-Pesa users to complete transactions even if their M-Pesa balance is insufficient.

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Since the introduction of Fuliza M-Pesa, it has been established that Safaricom dispensed over 1 billion in overdraft loans in just 8 days.

The purpose of Fuliza was to facilitate the completion of transactions through Lipa Na M-Pesa, Till number payments and Send money options.

However, Kenyans being the creative people they are decided to see it as another opportunity to get loans from Safaricom.

What is Safaricom Fuliza?

Fuliza M-Pesa is an overdraft loan facility designed to allow M-Pesa customers to complete their transactions even with insufficient funds in their M-Pesa accounts.

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How to get Safaricom Fuliza M-Pesa Loan

To start enjoying Fuliza M-Pesa, here is the process.

Safaricom Fuliza

  1. Dial *234# from your Safaricom line
  2. Select 0 as your first option “Fuliza M-Pesa”.
  3. Select opt-in and you’re good to go.
  4. To activate Fuliza, do a normal transaction on your M-Pesa
  5. Before you start to Fuliza, check your Safaricom Fuliza limit

Fuliza Charges and Fees

Like you would expect, there are charges that you will incur for using Safaricom Fuliza. Safaricom will charge 1% maintenance fee and access fee on the outstanding overdraft.

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Band  Tariff Promotional Tariff for 30 days from Launch
0-100 one time fee of Ksh 2 one time fee of Ksh 0
101-500 Ksh 5 per day
501-1000 Ksh 10 per day
1001-1500 Ksh 20 per day
1501-2500 Ksh 35 per day
2501-70000 Ksh 30 per day

How to Withdraw money from Safaricom Fuliza

As of now there it is not possible to withdraw your Fuliza overdraft. However, if you need the money, you can send the overdraft to your friend’s line and have them withdraw the amount for you.

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Alternatively, you can send the money to you other Safaricom line and withdraw it. It is, however, important to note that M-Pesa rates and charges will apply during these transactions.

To send the money, go to your M-Pesa menu and do a normal send money transaction. Must read: Best paying ONLINE WRITING JOBS in Kenya

You can also pay for goods and services using Lipa Na M-Pesa or till number without panicking.

Perhaps the best part is that every time you transact using Safaricom Fuliza,  you receive an SMS with the outstanding Fuliza amount.

You should also remember that the primary M-Pesa rates apply in any M-Pesa transaction. To understand more about this new loan facility from Safaricom, you can visit the Safaricom PLC frequently asked questions website and hopefully, you will find answers to all your questions.


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