How to Play and Win Shabiki Power 13 Jackpot (Updated)

Shabiki Power 13 midweek Jackpot

Shabiki Power 13 midweek jackpot is the newest jackpot in Kenya. The jackpot has taken the country by storm especially after Sportpesa began facing hard times.

Shabiki power 13 was moved up from a weekend jackpot to a midweek jackpot to pave way for the new Shabiki power 17 jackpot. Interestingly people have already made huge wins of up to 1 million shillings.

The Jackpot which apparently features midweek games only is a direct competition to the Sportpesa jackpot. In this article, we are going to discuss almost everything that you need to know about the Shabiki Power 13 midweek jackpot and answer all the questions that you may have.

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About Shabiki Power 13 Jackpots

The Shabiki Power 13 jackpot is a competition that is based on 13 pre-selected midweek football matches. Player or participants of the jackpot are expected to predict the correct outcome of every match in the Jackpot.

Shabiki Power 13
Fixtures in Shabiki Power 13

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The Jackpot prize stands at 10 million but Shabiki reserves the rights to revise it upwards or downwards.

All the games in the Jackpot are midweek games and when the first match starts to play, you will not be allowed to participate in the jackpot.

To participate, in the jackpot, you will have to pay Ksh 100 as we will explain later in the article.

Shabiki communicates to players through SMS shortcodes or via the Media section of the Shabiki Power 13 website. Here is a list of the Frequently asked questions and their Answers.

Shabiki Power 13 (FAQs)

In this segment, we will cover all the questions that you make have about Shabiki power 13 from registration to withdrawal of money.

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How do I register with Shabiki Power 13

You can register for Shabiki power 13 via SMS or via their official website as explained below

  1. i) Registration Via SMS

To register via SMS send the keyword JOIN to the shortcode 29063.

  1. ii) Registration Via the Web

To register via the Web,

power 13 Jackpot

  1. Login to the website
  2. Select the Join now tab
  3. Use your M-Pesa registered mobile number and put your preferred password.
  4. You will need to confirm the same password then tick the checkbox to proceed and accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Click “JOIN NOW” to complete the process.

How much does it cost to register for Shabiki Power 13

It’s free to register. However, SMS carrier charges apply. Each SMS will cost Kes 2.00

How to deposit funds in Shabiki Power 13 account? M-PESA Deposit

  • Go to M-PESA Menu on your mobile phone
  • Select Lipa na M-PESA
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Enter 290063 as the Business Number
  • For the Account number SHABIKI
  • Enter amount (NO COMMAS) e.g 1000
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN and send
  • You will receive an SMS confirming the transaction

How much does it cost to place a bet?

To participate in the Shabiki power 13 jackpot, you should have a minimum of Ksh.100 in your Shabiki account.

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How much does it cost to withdraw funds from my account?

To withdraw any amount of money that is less than Kes 1000.00 (up to Kes. 999) it will cost you, Kes. 16. For any amount from Kes 1000.00, it will cost you, Kes. 23.00

How Do I Place a bet via SMS?

To place a bet via SMS, ensure you have deposited funds prior in your Shabiki Power13 account.

Go to SMS option on your phone and type the following keyword followed by your prediction for the 13 matches P13#Prediction Eg P13#1X121212XXXX1

1=Home win


2=Away win)

Send the prediction to 29063

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What is Home Team and Away Team?

  • Home team is the team playing at home grounds ie the team hosting the match.
  • Away Team is the team playing away from home ie the team that is visiting.

How do I play via the web?

  • Visit the Shabiki power 13 website
  • Enter your mobile number and password to login to your account.
  • Select the product you want from the menu, for example, Shabiki Power13
  • Make your selection(s) that will appear in the bet slip
  • Confirm your selections from the bet slip.
  • Click on “Place bet”
  • To reset the bet slip, click on Clear All and continue to make new selections.
  • To make an adjustment on the selection of a match on the bet slip, click on the match that you want to adjust then make the preferred selection.

Is there a limit to how many bets I can place per day?


Shabiki Power 13 midweek JackpotShabiki Power 13 midweek Jackpot

There’s no limit to the number of bets you can place per day.

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When does the weekly Jackpot close?

The Jackpot will close at the kickoff of the first game in that week’s Matchboard for the Jackpot.

When is the resulting of the Shabiki Power 13 matches done?

Resulting on the Shabiki Power13 matches will be done after the last game on the match-board is played.

After the Jackpot closes how long do I wait to know the results?

The results will be published once the official scores are out. The winning combination will be sent via SMS to all subscribers who participated in that particular Jackpot.

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What is the Prize money for Shabiki Power 13?

The prize money for the Shabiki Shabiki Power13 is KES. 10,000,000.

When will I receive my winnings if I am a winner?

If you have the correct combination, you will receive 10% of your winnings or Kes 140,000 whichever is lower in your shabiki account and the rest will be paid to you later after winners management.

How can I check my Bet History?

  • To check your bet history, go to the website
  • Login with your Registered Mobile Number and password
  • On the top right corner of the page click on the menu.
  • A drop-down selection will be displayed
  • Select Bet History and click on it
  • All your transactions will be displayed

How can I reset my login password?

  • To reset your login password go to the website
  • Click on ‘forgot password’ at the top right corner of the page just below the password tab.
  • You will be prompted to input your Mobile number.
  • Click on reset password and a recovery Verification pin will be sent to your phone.
  • Input this pin on recovery verification pin tab
  • Create a new password and confirm
  • Click on update password to save changes.

How to change my current password to a password of my choice?

  • To change your current password go to the website
  • Login with your Registered Mobile Number and password
  • On the top right corner of the page click on the menu.
  • A drop-down selection will be displayed
  • Select Account Settings
  • Account Settings form will be displayed
  • On the Current Password text box, input your current password
  • On the New password text box, input your preferred password
  • Confirm the New password on the provided text box
  • Click on Update Password to save changes

What happens to my bet if a match is canceled/Suspended or postponed?

If a match is canceled, Shabiki shall carry out a draw to determine the result of the missing game result or deem the missing game result to be the same as the outcome of the match listed above the canceled or postponed match on the list of matches.

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Eg: if Match number 4 is canceled/postponed, Shabiki shall deem the result to be the same as the result for Match number 3 and so on.

When the first match on the list is the one that is canceled or postponed, the last match in that list of matches shall be deemed to be the match listed above the canceled or postponed match.

To withdraw money from your Shabiki Power13 Account (SMS method)

Send the keyword below to 29063

W#Amount eg W#2000

To Check Balance in your Shabiki Power13 Account

Send the Keyword as below to 29063


Customer Support

What should I do if I wish to dispute the resulting of a bet?

You should contact our Customer Service Team providing your mobile phone number, the Bet ID in question and all details concerning the dispute.

Contact Number: +254 709 433 000 / +254 703 163 163

Customer Service Email:

Twitter: @shabikiofficial



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