10 small business ideas you can start with KSH1000 Capital

Small business ideas play a significant role in the economy of a country. They provide much-needed jobs to unemployed youths and help to improve the GDP of a country. Over 3 million Kenyan youths are suffering from unemployment in the county.

However, with these small business ideas, you can start with KSH1000, youths can comfortably employ themselves.

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Unemployment has become a major issue in Kenya especially now that universities continue to pump qualified professionals who have no place in the job market today.

Most people who have been through campus find it hard to get their hands dirty and wait for the time they will get better paying white-collar jobs.

However, entrepreneurs are people willing to take on any opportunity that comes their way.

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business ideas you can start with KSH1000People believe that to start a viable business you need to have millions in your bank account.

The fact that you do not have that crazy money does not mean that you don’t have an option.

As a matter of fact, there are thousands of Kenyan youths who are making decent money in the shadows.

In this article, I will surprise you with 10 small business ideas you can start with KSH1000 capital.

If you want to make money, it is time to get up from the seat and use these skills to enrich yourself.  Let’s start our count down of 10 business ideas you can start with KSH1000 capital.

Small business ideas you can start with KSH1000

  • Selling Njugu Karanga (Budget= Ksh 1000)
  • Distributing Black Coffee (Budget= Ksh 5000)
  • Selling homemade Strawberry jam (budget= KSH 800)
  • Chia Seeds Farming (Budget= Ksh10000)
  • Selling Wall Papers (Budget= Ksh2000)
  • Selling Beaded Handbags and Sandals (Budget= Ksh3870)
  • Processing and Selling Natural Oils (Budget= Ksh 2000)
  • Making Beads from scratch (Budget= Ksh 1500)
  • Making Jewelry from Bones (Budget= Ksh1010)
  • Vending fruits (Budget= Ksh1000)

Selling homemade Strawberry jam | Small business ideas

(budget= KSH 800)

Think about the cash that you use every weekend with friends or with your girlfriend. It is probably more than you need to start your own business.

Homemade strawberry jam is just one of the many ventures that you can start with a capital of Ksh1000 only. As a matter of fact, it would cost you even less than 1000/=.

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You need to master the art of making jams which is very easy. The ingredients required for strawberry jam include strawberries, lemons, sugar, and water.

You will also require the following items; cooking stick, a stainless steel pan, and packaging plastic containers.

There you go, with a kilo of strawberries which retails for 200Ksh, you can make more than 5 containers of jam each weighing 250g.

If you can sell each container at Kshs250, you will make Ksh1250 from 1 kilo of strawberries.  Talk of making money!

Processing and Selling Natural Oils | Small business ideas

(Budget= Ksh 2000)

I have been asked on a couple of occasions to advise people on small business ideas you can start with KSH1000. The only problem is that with 1000/=, most youths would rather have fun than invest.

I recently watched a documentary about a woman in Zanzibar who has made a name for herself by making essential oils and natural oils from different nuts and plants.

She makes essential oil used as beauty products and natural oils used by chefs to create different meals.

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You do not need a factory in Industrial Area in order to start this venture. All you need is a customized pressing machine made for you by a welder.

Use the machine to press oils from plants such as Avocado, macadamia, chia seeds, and sunflowers.

Ones the oil is pressed, you can package it, and supply it to clients near you. You will be surprised by the demand these rare products get.

Selling Wallpapers | Small business ideas

(Budget: Ksh2000)

This is a trend that has been adopted with both hands by retail businesses, salons, offices and even hotels.

Instead of repainting their surfaces, many establishments are opting for wallpapers because they are more decent and their end result is appealing.

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You might want to get into this business because you can grow into a fully-fledged interior designer and get thousands of orders.

A wallpaper roll costs from 1600/= in wholesale but in retail, it can go for as much as 3500/= especially if you are the only one in your area who supplies them.

Distributing Black Coffee | Small business ideas

(Budget= Ksh 5000)

If you live near any town, you might have noticed people who walk around selling coffee from a commercial thermos with disposable cups.

Before you judge those guys let me surprise you with some figures.  One of those flasks you see them carry along can serve up to 65 people who pay Ksh 10 for their coffee.

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A guy I spoke to told me that he can sell more than 3 thermoses every day by targeting places with high population.

In a good day, he makes more than 2500/= and on a normal day, he pockets not less than 1800/=.

The only thing you need to start this hustle is a thermos with a 10-liter capacity. This will set you back not more than 4000 in kamukunji.

You also need disposable cups worth Ksh500 Sugar worth 200/=, and coffee worth 200/=. This is a real definition of opportunity dressed in rags that many people will shy away from taking

Selling Njugu Karanga | small business ideas

(Budget= Ksh 1000)

This is yet another small business idea you can start with Ksh1000 but most people have egos bigger than themselves so they won’t accept to start this hustle.

You will require to buy quality groundnuts from any farmers’ market and cook them by either roasting them or frying them.

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You are then required to package the ground nuts in packets of Ksh. 10 and Ksh.20.

You can choose to hawk them or display the merchandise in a place where people passing can see and buy the njugus.

Chia Seeds Farming (Budget= Ksh10000)

If you already own a piece of land that you do not know how to commercialize, why not turn to chia farming.

Chia farming is one of the agribusiness ventures that have gained traction in Kenya in the last couple of years.

To plant an acre of chia, you will require 2 kilos of chia seed. This will set you back Ksh 4000-5000.

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You will also buy some manure setting you back 5000/= among other farming costs. An acre of chia can give you a return of more than Ksh. 200000 in only 3 months.

Selling Beaded Handbags and Sandals (Budget= Ksh3870)

Nothing is as beautiful as custom made products. If you are talented with beadwork, you can make beaded handbags and sandals and market them really well to the population.

A kilo of beads goes for Ksh370/= in Nairobi. A well-designed clutch bag made from beads can retail for Ksh3000 which is a good reward to keep you working.

Making Jewelry from Bones (Budget= Ksh1010)

business ideas you can start with KSH1000When you think of small business ideas, this is not what most people think about.

Who wants to go around collecting bones from restaurants like a chokora?

That does not sound like a lot of people, does it? But that’s what you will be required to do here.

You will be required to look for bones from restaurants and use them as your raw materials.

The bones are boiled in hydrogen peroxide to remove the oil and possibly soften them a little bit.

You pour candle wax on the bones and dye them for 2 hours making desirable designs. You only need 1000/= to start off but you can sell your works of art at any price.

Making Beads from Scratch

As we approach the end of our count down on small business ideas you can start with Ksh1000, we look into the art of beadworks.

Beads can be designed from just about anything. If you master the art, you can make unique beads and sell them to customers who use them to make various products.

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You can also acquire polymer clay and mold different designs of beads. Polymer clay is readily available in bookshops if you might be wondering.

Things you will need include; sculpting tools, polymer clay, needles, and strings. Depending on how creative your designs are, sales may vary from Ksh1000 per day or more.


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