Tala paybill Number & How to repay Tala loans via Mpesa

Tala paybill number

Use this Tala paybill number to clear your Tala loans via Mpesa. Tala loan app formerly known as Mkopo Rahisi is the ultimate mobile loan app. This loan app set the benchmark for all the other apps in the market today.

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Tala is by far the most popular lending app in Kenya in terms of usage competing with Branch, Mshwari and KCB Mpesa.

What is Tala paybill number?

Tala paybill number 851900 is the most convenient way of clearing your Tala loans via Mpesa.

In my detailed article on how to apply for Tala loans successfully, I have talked more about Tala and how you can successfully apply for urgent loans instantly from the app.

In this article, however, I am going to show you how to repay your Tala loans. It is my belief that you qualified for good loan limits with Tala.

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How to repay Tala loans using Tala Paybill number

Tala allows you to repay loans for your friends or family as well which is a rare option offered by a few loan apps.

Use the Tala paybill number provided here to successfully repay you Tala loans via Mpesa.[Paybill 851900]

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Here is a step by step process of how you should clear your Tala loans in order to qualify for bigger loans.

  • Open your Mpesa menu on your phone
  •  Go to Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Select Paybill [Enter Tala paybill number 851900]
  • Press Ok
  • Account Number [Enter your phone number as the account number]
  • Amount [Enter the loan amount you should repay. Partially or in Full]
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN
  • Confirm and complete the transaction

You should receive a confirmation from Mpesa and Tala indicating that the transaction was successful. Tala should inform you whether your loan has been paid fully or partially.

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How to repay Tala loans for another line

As far as I know, only Tala, Saida, and Branch loan apps provide the option of paying loans for another line.

If your friend is in a fix, you can surprise them by clearing their Tala loan using your Mpesa account. Here is a step by step process of paying Tala loans for another line:

  • Open your Mpesa menu
  • Go to Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Select Paybill option [Enter Tala Paybill number 851900]
  • Press OK
  • Amount [Enter the loan amount you want to pay for that number]
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN
  • Confirm and complete your Mpesa transaction

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You will get a notification SMS from Mpesa confirming that your transaction was successful. The Tala borrower should get a notification that their loan balance was cleared successfully either partially on in full.


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