Ten Things You Should Never Do While Driving: Bad Habits

Bad Driving Habits: EYES ON THE ROAD!!!

things you should not do while driving
Man reading a paper while driving

You probably know about the things you should never do while driving but you still do them anyway. But I won’t get tired of reminding you because you can only get away with it for too long. Most people do not realize that driving is a direct risk that they take every day. Despite it being a dangerous business, people still afford to increase the risk by engaging in dangerous habits while driving.

things you should not do while drivingIn the worst case scenario, this could lead to loss of life and in the best case scenario, you may get away but with injuries or with a hefty price to pay for repairing your car. Today we investigate the most common but dangerous mistakes drivers on our roads continue to make oblivious of the dangers they could bring.

Every year, NTSA releases the statistics of road accident victims and the worrying thing is road accidents are on the rise. A shocking number of people lose their lives every year while others get fatal injuries that change their lives forever. People have different opinions about driving.

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To some people, driving is a hobby or a passion and this group of people makes a good number of good drivers on the road. There is another group of people who see driving as a boring but necessary task.

Most of these people find themselves distracted by other things or try to find alternative sources of fun to engage them while spinning. Such people are the ones who cause accidents on our roads.

10 Things to Never Do When Driving

Most drivers who are involved in fatal accidents often fail to pay attention to what is around them or what they are doing behind the wheel. Here are 10 things you should never do while driving or simply put “bad driving habits”

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  1. Surfing the web or texting
  2. Disciplining your children while still driving
  3. Dressing while driving
  4. Shaving or applying make up
  5. Eating while still driving
  6. Bending to pick something while still driving
  7. Drinking and driving
  8. Falling asleep
  9. Picking a call
  10. Steering with one finger or your knees
  1. Surfing the web or texting while steering

We will kick off our list of dangerous things you should never do while driving with the most common mistake most drivers do. No matter how good your reflexes are, you can never surf the web or engage in a conversation of your phone and still drive safely.

things you should never do while driving
Man reading a paper while driving

The fact that you are on the phone for a second mean that you cannot see the car that slammed emergency brakes in front of you. The next thing you know you have bumped on another car, hit a speed bump hard or in a ditch.

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When driving, it is not the right time to check your friend’s Facebook updates. Even worse, you put the lives of pedestrians at risk especially small kids crossing the street. If you must check your phone, pull over in a safe space and do everything else before hitting the road again.

2. Disciplining your children while still steering

Parenting is not an easy job and every parent will tell you that. When driving, kids tend to be unruly and can easily cause distractions when driving. Perhaps they know that their parent is busy driving so he/she cannot discipline them.

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It only gets dangerous when you decide to discipline the children while still steering. By doing so, you put their lives in danger and yours too. We recommend you to pull over and take care of the discipline issue and hit the road. Disciplining children while still driving means that most of your attention is being diverted instead of concentrating on the road.

3. Dressing and steering at the same time

You woke up late for work and you do not have a second to spare, and thanks to the many movies you have watched of people dressing while driving, you decide to try out the maneuver. It makes perfect sense to get dressed while hitting the road but if you are the one behind the wheel, it is definitely a bad idea.

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No matter how cool it looks, dressing while driving means that you cannot see what is ahead of you. It is also incredibly hard to dress with one hand which means you will have both of your hands off the wheel. This makes dressing a dangerous thing to do while driving. Instead of taking the risk, invest in a good alarm clock to wake you up earlier.

4. Shaving or applying make up

Attention is all it takes to be safe on the roads but when you do one of these activities, you are probably not paying attention when driving. For ladies, apply makeups such as eyeliners require you to look up which means you get your eyes off the road.

things you should never do while driving

Shaving for men requires you to look up left and right get a perfect shave. Make sure you have done these activities at home or ones you reach your destination safely. Trying to do so in the car could lead you to the wrong destination, hospital or morgue!

5. Eating while behind the wheel

Many people can easily eat something while steering because some food do not require you to take your hands off the wheel. However, some foods are plainly dangerous for anyone to try eating while driving.

things you should never do while driving

Any food that creates a mess of that requires you to hold it with both hands is outrightly dangerous. They cause too much distraction and some make the hand too greasy to even grip the steering wheel well. I doubt if it is worth it to eat while driving because you may end up throwing it all up ones you get yourself in an emergency situation.

6. Bending to pick something while still driving

This is one of the things you should never do while driving but people being who they are, find no problem frisking their whole car and steering at the same time. Some of the things people bend over to pick include; music CDs on the floorboard, chewing gum packet on the backseat, documents in the glove box or your phone when it drops.  Bending while behind the wheel is a bad idea because you lose sight of your surrounding which could lead to an accident.

7. Falling asleep

One of the most dangerous things you could do is fall asleep while on the road. Sleep is a very strong drug that no amount of coffee can cure permanently. Some people try to blast loud music and roll down windows when they feel drowsy but the only way to deal with sleep is actually sleeping.

things you should never do while driving

So no matter how hard you try to fight it, your body will ultimately switch off. It could be fatal if this happens when you are driving. If you feel tired, do not hesitate to pull over and take a quick nap or stop for some fresh air before continuing with your journey. Sadly, most of the accidents we see are as a result of long-distance fatigue that causes the driver to sleep.

8. Drinking and Driving

Drunk driving the worst thing you should never do while driving, EVER! Alcohol impairs the judgment of an individual which distracts their thinking. Drunk driving is still a big issue on our roads and definitely one of the main causes of road accidents.

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Usually, the general rule of thumb is to take a cab home if you have to drink and if you have to drive you must not drink. Come on guys it doesn’t always end well trying to drive when buzzed.

9. Steering with one finger or your knees

You do not have to show off crazy tricks and maneuvers to prove that you are a pro. Unfortunately, there are tasks that require us to use both hands and steering is one of them. However, some people find it necessary to do other things with their hands and decide to steer using their knees.

Unfortunately, knees cannot steer or grip the wheel nearly as good as your hands. All it takes for these heroes to regret their madness is a good old pothole that turns the car into a tank that has careened out of control.

10. Picking a call while behind the wheel

In some countries, taking a phone call while driving is illegal but if you live in a country where it is not illegal, its common sense, you should not be doing it. Studies show that people who pick up phone calls when driving are the worst drivers similar to drunk drivers. This is because your attention is impaired and you are prone to making dangerous mistakes that can claim your life or that of other road users.


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