Top 10+ Mombasa Fun Places to Visit for Fun and Adventure

Mombasa fun places

Let’s take a look at the best Mombasa fun places to visit for a vacation among other adventurous things to do.

If we were to highlight each and every fun place you can visit along the coast, what we would need is an entire publication and not a blog post.

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In this short post, I am going to give you some of the coolest ideas to make your vacation worthwhile and memorable.

We are going to keep it coastal this time as we highlight over 10 Mombasa fun places to visit and fun activities to engage in.

Discover Mombasa fun places

Mombasa is not new to adventure seekers and even international tourists. In fact, it is one of the most sought after destinations in the world.

Boasting of some of the most pristine white sandy beaches in the world and breathtaking attractions, Mombasa is the place to be for fun-seekers.

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Before I get carried away by the hype, let’s put our heads together and explore the magical Mombasa fun places. Off we go!!

Go on a nature trail | Mombasa fun places

Even if you are not a fun of taking nature walks, you will love it here. Walking by the beach as the cool breeze from the ocean cools your feet is an experience you will not get anywhere else.

If you are the type that would pay to get the best nature trail, we’ve got you covered as well.

Mombasa fun places

Just right off Mombasa-Malindi highway opposite the renowned White sands Hotel, there is a very nice nature trail for you.

You will part with Ksh. 200 to enter the trail. Ones you are in, it is the perfect place for hiking, jogging, leisure walking, bike riding, and meditating.

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If you are into nature photography, look no further for the perfect nature trail. Here, you will find birds, monkeys, crawlies, water reptiles, pond front benches, coastal plants, and a butterfly pavilion.

To end a day in style, there is a small bar and a small waterfront sunset lookout area where you can idle around in the evenings.

Sample the nightlife | Mombasa fun places

It is funny how Mombasa operates. Compared to other cities in Kenya, Mombasa is livelier at night than during the day.

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Many people associate this with the intense sun during the day. After sunset, that’s when humans start to crawl out of their houses.

This has contributed to a vibrant nightlife in Mombasa that some fun lovers travel for miles to experience.

Talking of night life, the usual suspects have always been clubs like Sheba, Bobs, and Bela Vista to name just but a few.

You can totally choose what kind of nightlife experiences you want in Mombasa. If you are the chilled out type of guy, you can visit clubs like the Continental resort a.k.a Le Club where the crowd is more mature.

Hire a boat and go out to sea

Yeah, I know people may call you a weirdo. After all, everybody goes to Mombasa to swim and busk on the beaches.

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Dare to be different! Hire a boat and head into the sea as far as you can get so long as you will trace your way back to the shore.

Mombasa fun places

Sometimes when you are out there, just you and the water, you are able to think better and feel free.

What if there are two of you on that boat? You and your fiancé. My friend, that should be a memorable date right there.

Hiring a boat is not expensive and there are people in the business of hiring boats at Mtwapa and Kilifi.

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To hire a good boat you will part with Ksh. 3000 but the price can be higher if you choose a bigger and better boat.

How about you buy a pizza and some snacks then pack a few beers in the cooler box and go chase the sunset! That is the type of fun I am talking about.

Idle at Mama Ngina Ocean Front and count ships

You can only appreciate how cargo is shipped from one continent to another by visiting the coastal area.

Sometimes we just order stuff from abroad and in a matter of weeks it is at our doorsteps but we do not stop to ask how all that was achieved.

Maybe stealing a day and gazing at the mammoth ships hauling cargo to the Mombasa port can answer all your questions.

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You will appreciate how things work and what we mean by a global village. If you have never seen a ship up close, then give yourself a treat at the Mama Ngina Ocean Front and enjoy the show.

Ships entering or leaving the country pass through the channel right next to the scenic oceanfront.

Most people visit the park early morning and in the evening to avoid the scorching sun.

Explore the Old Town | Mombasa fun places

Our list of Mombasa fun places cannot be complete without a walk at Mombasa’s old town. This is where it all started.

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The old town captures the sultan ages when Mombasa was under the leadership of a sultan.

The traditional Swahili architecture and Arab designs make the town a nice place to stroll around.

You can also shop for antiques and other valuables that will make your visit memorable.

Eat something weird

Foooood!! What is a vacation without food? As a matter of fact, the best way to experience a destination is to eat what the locals eat.

Sometimes it may be scary or weird for the civilized you but hey! It has not killed them yet, you know what I mean.

One of the most common delicacies in Mombasa is octopus locally known as Pweza. How do you like your octopus, grilled, fried, stewed, well done, medium or rare?

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Trust me almost 80% of barbeques running in Mombasa sell octopus as the main delicacy.

What are you going to tell people if you go to Mombasa and conclude your stay without eating some octopus?

Take an afternoon Road trip to a nearby town

How do you like chewing a mile after the other slowly listening to some good music on a road that has very minimal traffic?

Talking of a road trip, one of the best routes to take is the Diani Lunga Lunga road. At some points, the route is scenic and you can stop for some air or photos.

Mombasa fun places

The road is well maintained and has very few cars. I am not asking you to drive at mad speed just because there is less traffic.

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In fact, driving slowly allows you to familiarize with the place and appreciate the beauty. You can bring a camera if you like and tag a friend if you are not a loner.

Visit Fort Jesus

Although this is one of the popular destinations in Mombasa, that does not make any less of an attractive destination.

The Fort Jesus is one of the oldest structures dating back to the 16th century. The fort was built by Portuguese to protect themselves from local riots and foreign invaders.

You get the rare chance to see the canons and other weapons used by the Portuguese. Go and learn some history as you explore for more fun.

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Watch the sun go down with a drink

Who said a drink is anything alcoholic? Anyway, that’s beside the point. One of the best Mombasa fun places to visit is the renowned Sun Downers Restaurant.

Sun Downer Restaurant should be in your bucket list of best Mombasa fun places to visit owing to the relaxing and calming environment it is located at.

Mombasa fun places

In fact, if you can reserve this for the last day, it will cement your memories permanently and make your vacation memorable.

La Marina and Mooring’s restaurants in Mtwapa should do you justice by providing the best sundowners experience.

Bamburi Nature Trail

Bamburi Nature trail is particularly popular since it is as a result of a quarry rehabilitation project.

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The rugged terrain was rehabilitated to be one of the best nature trails in Kenya. Today, the park is home to several species such as African buffaloes, oryx, waterbuck, Aldabra tortoises, eland, porcupine, birds, crocodiles, and monkeys.

Pass time at the Mamba Village

Have you ever eaten crocodile meat? When the hunter becomes the hunted, their stew is served best at Mamba village.

Those who have experienced crocodile meat say that it is the tastiest cut they have eaten so far.

If three or more people can testify to that, who am I to doubt their taste buds. Mamba village is one of the best places in our Mombasa fun places list for many other reasons.

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You get to interact with crocodiles at the crocodile farm, enjoy horseback riding and camel riding.

The park also hosts a marine aquarium with some marine species, a snake display area, and a carnivorous park.

Explore the Gedi Ruins

As we conclude our adventure and best Mombasa fun places to visit, make sure to visit one of the oldest ruins in East Africa dating back to the 15th century.

Gedi Ruins are located towards the town of Malindi at the North coast area. These historic ruins built of rocks are the remains of a small town that was historically inhabited by the Swahili people.

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You should take advantage of the fact that it is the only prehistoric ruin that is open for public viewing but that might change as the government seeks to conserve the ruins.

That’s about it, people! I hope that was an eye-opening adventure of the out of ordinary things you can do in Mombasa.

Do you know of any other Mombasa fun places or activities one can engage in? Share with us in the comments section below.


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