Zenka Loan app download and application [LATEST]

How to Download, Apply and Repay Zenka loans via App & USSD

How to get zenka loan app loans

Zenka Loan app is one of the most revolutionary mobile loan apps I have seen so far. It is the only app that allows you to borrow via USSD.

This is an option you do not get with other apps and that means that Kenyans without smartphones have always been sidelined when it comes to mobile loans.

With Zenka loan app, you can borrow loans even without a smartphone. How nice of them!

Apart from the known apps like Branch and Tala, getting an app that will actually lend you money has been a task of picking grains from the chaff.

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Zenka loan app KenyaI recently came across an app that I have come to love called Zenka Loans.

This mobile app, in my opinion, is comparable to Branch loan app.

Having used Branch and Zenka, I have found some pleasing similarities between the two apps.

In this review, I am going to guide you step by step on how to apply and qualify for Zenka loans.

Zenka says

“At Zenka Finance, we believe in people and their potential. We also know that every potential, every spark must sometimes be fed with instant cash so that ideas and needs can be realized”.

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What is Zenka loan app?

Zenka loan app is a regular mobile loan app operated by Pata mkopo that lends money to borrowers through M-Pesa.

Zenka Finance is one of the latest entrants into the market and I am pleased to report that it is one of the reliable mobile loans apps.

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The app lends a maximum loan limit of Ksh 20000 and an initial loan of Ksh 500 to all its clients/borrowers.

Its interface is intuitive and very user-friendly which makes me believe that Zenka will soon become of the leading mobile loan apps playing in the league of Branch and Tala.

Advantages of  Zenka loan App

  • Intuitive interface: Zenka has one of the best interfaces I have seen in the loan apps market
  • Easy registration and application process: I found the registration process to be very easy and straightforward.
  • Minimum formalities: The ask for the necessary details and limit the number of questions they ask you
  • Members benefit from the ‘Member program’ to get some money back
  • Loan Extensions for 7 days, 14 days or 30 days: if you are late on a payment, you get extensions instead of being blacklisted
  • Additional loan amounts and top-ups: If you repay your initial loan faithfully, you are automatically approved for higher loans

Zenka and Branch are game-changers and have really disrupted the loans market and how financiers treat their clients. Most loan apps will use crude ways to force people to repay their loans.

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What I found bizarre about Okash loan app is that they even call people in your phone book telling them that you have borrowed from them.

I find this being infringement of one’s privacy considering they have the shortest repayment period of 14 days.

For that reason alone, Okash seized being one of my favorite loan apps and Zenka has replaced its position.

How to Apply for Zenka Loan

Before you apply for a loan from Zenka loan app, remember that your approval will depend on your Credit score.

If you have been listed on CRB, you will not qualify for a loan from Zenka loans. Here is the step by step guide to applying for a Zenka loan:

  • Download Zenka loan app from Google Play Store
  • The app is also available in the Apple Store
  • Start the application process
  • Provide all the information required by Zenka Loan app
  • Sign Up for an account
  • Enter your names as they appear in your ID
  • Enter your ID number
  • Choose a Security Question and provide an answer
  • Create a 4-digit pin number
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • You will receive a verification code
  • Input the code and finish up the registration by clicking ‘Done’

How to apply for Zenka loans

After registering for an account, wait for your account to be reviewed and verified by Zenka. You will get a notification ones everything has been finalized.

Zenka loan app gives loans to almost all first-time borrowers. Here is  the process of apply for a loan from Zenka loan app:

  • Open the app on your phone
  • Proceed to apply for a loan
  • Choose the loan amount you want
  • Click on ‘Apply for Loan’
  • You will receive your offer details and click on ‘Get loan’

If you qualify for a loan from Zenka, the loan amount will be sent to your M-Pesa account after verification from Zenka finance.

Zenka utilizes credit information from Transunion, Metropol, and Creditinfo to see your borrowing habits and whether you repay your loans.

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How to apply for Zenka loans using USSD

If you do not have a smartphone or do not have the bundles to download the app, you can easily dial *483*101# and apply for a loan. Below is the process of applying for Zenka loans via USSD:

  • Dial *483101#
  • Enter your user PIN and select “Apply for a loan” option.
  • You will be given a loan limit
  • Select “Apply for Full Limit”
  • You can also borrow your desired amount if you do not want the full limit
  • Select the loan repayment period
  • Wait for verification and approval

The loan amount will be sent to your M-Pesa account after verification and approval.

How to increase Zenka Loan Limit

There is no silver bullet to increasing your loan limit overnight. The only way to increase your loan limit and credit score is through repaying your loans in time.

All Zenka loans should be repaid in a period of 30 days which is the single payment option.

The loan attracts an interest rate of 11% which is relatively competitive with other mobile loan apps and affordable too.

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How to Repay your Zenka Loan

Zenka provides two repayment options which include using the app and through M-Pesa.

How to pay Zenka loans via M-Pesa

  • Open your M-Pesa Menu
  • Go to lipa na M-Pesa
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter Paybill Number 979988
  • Use your phone number as the account number
  • Enter the loan amount you are repaying
  • Enter M-Pesa pin and send
  • You will get a confirmation message from M-Pesa and Zenka confirming that your loan has been repaid.

How to repay Zenka Loans via App

  • Open your mobile app
  • Go to ‘Repay loan’
  • Select the amount you are repaying
  • Click on ‘repay now’
  • You will be prompted to enter your M-Pesa Pin
  • Enter your pin and send
  • You will receive a confirmation message ones the transaction has been completed

How to pay Zenka loans via USSD

You can also repay your Zenka loan via USSD as follows:

  • On your phone dial the 483101#
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN
  • On the menu option, select “Repay loan”
  • Your loan balance will be displayed
  • Follow the prompts to complete the payment

Wait for a notification from M-Pesa and Zenka confirming that your loan has been closed

Zenka Loan defaulter Penalties

Zenka is one of the softest loan apps I have come across other than Branch. Their patience on borrowers is at another level.

For every day you delay to pay your loan, you receive a 1% penalty rate on the loan amount.

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However, if a loan is registered as non-performing, you may be blacklisted on CRB after 60 days of default.

You should always pay your loan in time to maintain good credit records and qualify for higher loan limits.

How to contact Zenka Kenya

In case of any issues, you can always write to Zenka finance through

Email: support@zenka.co.ke.

Facebook: Zenka Kenya


  1. Thank you for that article! We are a new app on the market but after just 3 months we are in top5 best financial apps in Kenya (Google Play Store Rank). We will do our best to meet the needs of our clients. Thank you for supporting Zenka 🙂

    • We are humbled….We try as much to recommend services that are of value to Kenyans and Zenka happens to be just one of them! keep up the good work.


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