Zuku contact: How to contact Zuku customer care

Zuku contact

Get in touch with Zuku customer care with the ZUKU contact information provided below. Zuku provides an array of services including home internet, Digital TV and cable phone services. If you need more information about ZUKU services and products, you can contact them through the various avenue indicated below.

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In case of a challenge with any of the services, you can also get expert advice and help by using the Zuku contact information provided below.

ZUKU contact us form

Visit this page and fill in the ZUKU contact us form detailing your issues or concerns then submit the form. Zuku will get in touch with you soon as they get your submission.

Zuku contact information

Offices: Gateway Business Park Block E,

Next to Parkside Towers

Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya,

TEL: 0205-205-205, 0719-028-200

EMAIL: support@zukufiber.co.ke

Zuku sales contact information | ZUKU contact

TEL: 0205-222-222

EMAIL: cablesales@zukufiber.co.ke

Let’s Chat option | Zuku contacts

Visit the Zuku website and go to the chat section. You can go to Lets chat directly by clicking this link.

You will be assigned an agent to chat with. Explain to them your concerns or issues, and make sure you get as much information as you need.

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Zuku Self-service portal | ZUKU contact

This is a very handy option that is available on the Zuku website. It allows you to perform crucial tasks to ensure your connection is not affected.

For example, if you are moving to a new house, you can use the self-service portal to alert Zuku.

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By so doing, they will transfer your account and connection to the new place you are going conveniently and you can continue to enjoy fast internet.

Still, from the self-service portal, you can test the speed of your ZUKU internet to ensure that you are getting the MBPS that you paid for. Click on this link to test your Internet speed.

How to Enquire for ZUKU account balances | ZUKU contact

  • Dial *502#
  • Enter 1. (Account Information) then press send
  • Enter 1. (Balance Enquiry) and send
  • Select your account
  • Press send

How to check your Next Due date | ZUKU contact

  • Dial *502#
  • Enter 1. (Account Information) then press send
  • Enter 2. (Due Date) then press send
  • Select your account and send

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How to request for ZUKU Mini statement

  • Dial *502#
  • Enter 1. (Account Information) then press send
  • Enter 3. (Mini statement) then press send
  • Select your account and press send

How to check your Account Number

  • Dial *502#
  • Enter 1. (Account Information) then press send
  • Enter 4. (View Account Number) then press send

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How to Upgrade my Account

  • Dial *502#
  • Enter 2. (Upgrade my Account) then press send
  • Select your account and press send
  • Select the package to upgrade to then press send


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