Computer & Internet Top 10 Makmende Jokes (Pun Intended)

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Makmende" is a fictional character that originated from Kenyan pop culture. The term "Makmende" has been used in Kenya for years, and it's often used to describe a hero or a tough guy. The character gained international fame when a Kenyan band, Just A Band, featured a character named Makmende in one of their music videos.

Since then, Makmende has been dubbed Kenya's first internet sensation or Kenya's first superhero. He embodies traits such as fearlessness, strength, and charisma.

Here are some classic Makmende jokes that broke the internet:

1. Makmende is older than his mum. He stayed with an aunt till his mother was born​

2. When Makmende jumps into a swimming pool, he doesn't get wet; the water gets Makmende.​

3. When Makmende uses a computer, he doesn't hit the keys; they press themselves out of respect.​

4. Makmende doesn't do push-ups. He pushes the Earth down.​

5. Makmende can divide by zero.​

6. Makmende doesn't need a GPS. The universe knows where he wants to go.​


7. Makmende doesn’t watch TV; the TV watches him​

8. Makmende sued God for custody over Jesus and won.​

9. The Black-Eyed Peas were just peas until they met Makmende.​

10. Makmende died 13 years ago, but even the undertakers are afraid to tell him.​


Please share more Makmende jokes that you can remember.